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    There are so many examples to choose from! It's like shooting fish in a barrel! LOL!!!

    Biden No Get Virus.jpg Biden Scared of COVID.png Biden Shat.jpg Biden - Aunt Tiffa.jpg Biden - Ban Fracking.png Biden - Double Standards.jpg Biden - what-is-china.jpg Biden - Antifa is Just an Idea.png
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    Well, now he's forgotten what state he was in again, and asked people to vote him into the Senate. Why would anyone vote a guy for president that doesn't know he is running for president, and isn't sure where he even is?

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    If Sleepy Joe Biden becomes our President? He will set a new record. The First President to have Dementia at his swearing in ceremony .:eek:
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    see for yourself

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    Second Post of one of these....but it belongs here Easter egggs.jpg Einstein.jpg
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    Message for

    C'mon man....PULL OUT NOW ! While you have a chance.
    Your Dad, (Stand up Joe senior) oh.....What am I saying....oh man.....he's dead, but he had a chance to make a decision around Jan of 41 to know, the's the deal....he went around February, May, all the way past August and you know, man...he ....we... can do two things at once....and undo what was know...So malarky, god rest him, but with the other thing and Hunter being no where near where they said ....for god's sake he was mourning his younger brother for crying out, his older mom's...your oldest son, you know man you were there. It was tough then, in the coal mines all day....and marching in protests in the 60's and trying to get collared workers better pay for what they couldn't do..then to the baseball stadium.......... Is the thing on ? I can't hear a go on. Up a little...So anyway....look me right in the heart and do what's right for Joe, i beg you....just pull out of this senate race NOW. I'm not joke. God bless and thanks...uh...all the souls in Scranton.
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    BLM = Biden Likes Minors. Told to me by one of my local bartenders last night.
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  9. Jim Bridger

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    If the American Voters choose Joe Biden they have chosen irreparable damage. He has been chosen as a puppet President by the American Comments movement.:eek:
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  11. Junction15

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    I really don't think Biden is the intended president. Kameltoe Harlot is. The DNC figure the Hildebeest lost because a woman isn't "electable". (Too stupid to realize she wasn't the right woman - not that Harlot is either).

    If you think about it, of all the Demonrat candidates that ran, almost any of them would be far more capable than Biden is. But they were not allowed to win the primaries. Biden has got to be the least ambitious of all of them. He has no real plan except to set socialism firmly in motion. Even now, his campaign promises simply parrot what Trump has said. (No surprise there - he has a long record of plagiarism.)
    But he will stay in his lane because he has no future otherwise. Soro's Open Society Foundations will reward their soldier.

    Biden is the antithesis to Trump and is recognized nationally (not the same as "national recognition"). With enough money and Lame Stream Media support - which he has both - he could win the election. And if he does, he will be removed shortly after inauguration. His brain is an overcooked noodle, falling apart. Any Executive Order, or Law he signs he issues will immediately be challenged because of his incoherence. Harlot gets in by default because Biden will be a huge liability.
    And it would not surprise me to see Biden step down "voluntarily".
    But I do not think Biden has ever been intended to be anything more than a placeholder.
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