Bidumb tries to claim credit for Trump's peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

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    GMAFB. For eight years, Bobo the Clown and Clueless Joe dumped all over Israel, and finished with the flourish of giving Iran $400 billion IN CASH to destabilize the Middle East. The Obama-Biden Administration was no friend to Israel.

    Now that Trump has managed to arrange a deal for Israel and the UAE to declare peace on each other, Mr. Senility is attempting to claim that he and the Obamination (you know, the jack-off who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he wasn't George W. Bush) laid the groundwork for Trump's deal. The Jackass Partei has been out of the White House for four years, and yet somehow it's all their doing that Israel and the United Arab Emirates are normalizing relations.

    Apparently the Dipstick from Delaware thinks that the "claim credit for everything even if you had nothing to do with it" technique that worked so well for Bobo the Clown will work for him too. It is to laugh. And THIS is the person the Democrats think is fit to lead the nation?
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    Well C, at this point in history, you can say whatever you want without concern of repercussions. Did I tell you about my trip to the moon?
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    Dam Democrats,there is nothing too low for them to do or claim,scum o' the earth. :cool:
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    And this surprises you why?
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    Have you caught the ad where Senile Joe is claiming that as the Magic Negro's Veep, he "led the victory over the Ebola virus"? He's outdoing Uncle Al Bore in claiming stuff he had nothing to do with.
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    The thing is, Biden is so deeply overwhelmed by dementia, he might actually believe this crap.

    Someone could be joking with him and say, "Hey Joe, do you remember that time you flew to the moon?"

    Then at Joe's next public speaking event he says something like:

    "I once read "Goodnight Moon" with Stretch Armstrong where I fought the Crip on Mars while people rubbed my leg hairs, and I speak to you now, the good people of Hobbiton, the Shire, to tell you to vote for me know..the job...the one with the funny hat...Pope. Vote me as your next Pope so I can sniff even more people."
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    I don't know how the trip was, but I do remember your first day there.
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    Wondering if Biden knows the difference between Israel and Iran these days.
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    Sure he does, one of them has a group he is racist against, and he thinks the other is a verb.
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