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  1. BIG 5 has the 91/30s back on sale for $79 this week. The things I don't like about the rifles that I've gotten from them is that they've been reworked. The stocks are too glossy (I can fix that), the importer puts their markings on the receiver and the finish on the metal is pi$$ poor. Other than that $79 is probably a good buy. I have one of their M44s and a 91/59. I might just strip the finish and drag the stocks behind my truck down a gravel road for a mile or two.:scool::scool:
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    LOL! I don't think I would do that with a new Remington 700! There would be nothing left! But I bet if you pick that rifle up out of the west texas dust, blow it off it will shoot MOA!:rocketwhore:

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    lucky...the BIG5's out in cali have them on sale for $99.95...i went to pick up one up but they were actually out!!! :( they said that some guy came in yesterday and picked up three of them!! looks like these rifles are getting more and more popluar. they seem to think that they are gonna get a couple more soon...i'm crossin my fingers...or should i say Mosin my fingers!!! lolol...
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    99.95 here in AZ! Dave
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    I can not even find a 91/59 around here. Lot's of 91/30s, m44s and few m38s.
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    Tex I finally bought off of Gunbroke. Glad I got lucky. Haven't seen anything but M91/30's and M44's for quite some time.
  9. the rifles I have bought from Big 5 have all been excellent. They look like hell when you buy em, but they clean up real nice. And occasionally you will find a "collector". Get a C&R and order from the on-line dealers.

    There are very few out there without the importer markings. CAI is not as bad as RGuns as far as "billboarding".

    If you hate the 91/59 that much I'll take it off your hands.:)
  10. 91/30

    My M44 has better metal than my 91/59. I like the appearance of the 91/59 over the M44. Without the bayonet it looks cleaner/less cluttered.

    I've got 2 M39s, Swede Mausers, Yugo Mausers that I haven't fired yet. The only outdoor range is about a 25mile round trip and seems like everytime I plan to go down it either rains or we have high winds/dust. I've fired several rounds thru my K31 and it kicks very hard from the bench. I'm getting a recoil pad and I'll be taking a bath towel the next time I go to the range.........let em's my shoulder and I've had it for over 70 years and I hope I have another 10-15 years of shooting in me.
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    Do what it takes man!
  12. Looks like the BIG-5 Mosin "glory years" are behind us now in my remote neck of the woods! $99.90 for a 91/30 in their current ad - for the past several months IF they actually get any 91/30's or 44's in, they are really nasty examples. Haven't seen an M38 or SKS in over a year, ditto for any Enfields. A lonely single M95 showed up per each store for that recent "sale" ad!
    My sons and I have cherry picked some very nice condition Mosins from our two area stores over the past couple of years - guess we have 12 or 13 in our stash now including a couple of restored exPU snipers.
    FWIW local store manager blames a change of district managers for the dwindling flow of milsurp rifles to our area stores. Bummer.