Big-5 striks again.

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by MJ11, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. MJ11

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    $89 ea. with full kit and bayonets.


    Pura Vida
  2. 19cohiba75

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    Wish I had a Big 5 in my area, we only have a Cabelas and the prices there are way more than the Big 5 stores.

  3. Sober

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    Wow, I didn't know you could get food at Big 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  4. .22guy

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    Those look really nice! How are the bores?
  5. ChaZam

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    Good looking rifles there MJ11. Tell us about them, makers, dates, etc.
    Wish Big 5 would put some stores in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. Presently the closest locations are in Wichita Falls, Tx. and Abilene, Tx.:yes(1):
  6. aandabooks

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    Anyone here familiar with Dunham's Sporting Goods stores? I just saw a rifle just like those pictured on sale for $79.99. They only list them as a M91/30. So is that a Mosin-Nagant and what would I really be looking for in a reconditioned rifle? They are chambered in 7.62x54.

    I really don't know why I would want one but for $79.99 plus tax, how could I possibly go wrong? Even if it just sits in the safe and comes out to do some 100 yard shooting every now and again.
  7. ChaZam

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    Yes, that will be like the rifles pictured above. Most of them have been rearsenaled and should be in decent shape. Most importantly see if it has good rifling in the barrel, then select them on criteria such as matching numbers, good bluing, good wood and finish, etc. For less than $100.00 they are quite a bargain for a entry level high power rifle. I have seen Dunhams stores in other locals but haven't been in one.
  8. Took a look at the Big 5 in Amarillo today and they had a sale for $99 ones. Didnt look too interesting, although there was a unfired looking Yugo sks next to it. Parents called from a Minnesota Dunhams and said the current sale there was $89 but while they were in the store it was $119 with others going for $169 and $199. No idea what, no one was around to show them the guns.
  9. MJ11

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    Bores are good, clean other than some grease. Laminated stocks look solid.

  10. ChaZam

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    Those look like they are in pretty decent condition MJ11.
  11. Martin Rage

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    I wish we had a place like big 5..... no place to get surplus guns anywhere except pawnshops (way over priced) and the occasional gun shows.
  12. Iron_Colonel

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    Those look good, congrats on your acquisitions! Haven't been to any Big5s lately around here to check up on their Mosin sales. I probably should one of these days.
  13. godogz

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    Dunhams in Michigan have them for $79 Sunday and Monday - $89 for the rest of the week in their 2010 Hunting Sale. This includes the accessories pack. They are also selling Winchester white box of SP for $19. You can get bear or wolf sp cheaper, but they tend to have "sticky bolt" issues in my M-N. My local store had 5 on display, and the counter worker said they had 10 or more boxed up in the back room. If you have been waiting to try them out - Now is the time of the year to get one. Adding a Dovetail mount and LER scope makes these a good whitetail gun package for less than $125. You just can't go wrong!
  14. Grumpus

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    Yo, Chaz: If you want an Austrian or Hungarian Model 95 8x56, they're $79.95 this week at Cinco Grande in Wichita Falls.


    Keep an eye on Big 5's sale papers on the web: Big 5 Sporting Goods - Weekly Ad Specials

    You might find it worth the trip to come up here from DFW sometimes...
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  15. you can't go wrong with that deal. 7.62x54r surplus ammo is the cheapest rifle ammo available today as well. no cheaper way to shoot high power that i know of.
  16. ChaZam

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    I intend to drive out there someday soon so I can browse at a Big 5. I even sent their corporate office a message and asked them to consider puttind a store in the Denton area.