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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Midas, May 22, 2008.

  1. Midas

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    I am in the market for a big bore hunting rifle, I already know that the rifle will be a CZ 550 American, but I am having trouble deciding what cartridge to get, should I get the .416 Rigby, or the .458 Lott? I like the versatility of the Rigby, but the Lott is a bigger hammer, the rifle WILL be going hunting frequently, and I roll my own ammo, so that won't be a concern. Any input is much appreciated.
  2. Heres my Imput cuz LOL What in the world are you going to hunt in Arkansas ?
    BIG FOOT ???
    EDIT: Come to think of it. Theres a feller I know that hunts next to a property I lease that hunts with a 416 Rigby caliber rifle.
    Don't know body go around him or near his stand either !!!
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  3. Midas

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    There's a zoo over at Gentry, don't forget! I'm just gettin prepared, in case an elephant or rhino gets loose ;)
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    I have always wanted a .416 Rigby and hope to have one some day. Never much considered the .458 Lott. when the Rigby has so much energy and a sizeable hole in its' wake.

    I am sure you would be happy whichever you decide on, they certainly are train stoppers. I do see that the .458 Lott is much more efficient at burning powder, nearly 20% lighter charge pushing a 400 grain bullet on a couple examples in my Barnes book. That efficiency, a larger diameter bullet, and the going rate of components these days, would tip the scales in its favor I think.

    Also if the rifle shoots accurately with reduced loads (.458WM, like thats a softy heh ) it has that going for it as well.
  5. Well you know ? That's perty smart think'in !!! Cause them Zoo critters do get out some times. LMAO !
    You Shor are ready for all kinds of SHTF ain't yee ?
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    I also like the fact that I can load lead bullets in the .458 Lott, I have a ton of those laying around, which I would normally load in my .45-70, to make good cheap practice in the off season. But on the other hand, I can load some nifty spitzer bullets in the .416, and reach out past 200 yards if needed, and still carry a healthy dose of energy, not to mention the fact that the .416 will be a lot easier to reload, because I won't have to fiddle around with a 3 die set. And with that big ole case, the Rigby operates at relatively modest pressures. I can't imagine anything walking away from a well placed shot from either of these behemoths. I guess I've been infected with magnumitis again :09:

    Better safe than sorry, my friend!
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    I would personally grab the 416. I think it would be a good step up from your 375, but probably wouldn't hammer you quite as bad as the Lott. Plus, it will kill anything that you need it to, and give you a little extra range.

    I've heard stories of whole packs of molemen being killed with just one shot from a .416 Rigby.

    GMCGUY G&G Newbie

    Be a stud, get a .416 barrett :scool:. Cold bore shots on them zombies or pesky neighbors up to 2400 yards :bigeyes:
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    Also if you can't find 458 Lott you can use 458 Winchester in a pinch.
  10. Midas, . . .

    congrats on making a decision for a big bore but if you have not done so please arrange to fire the big caliber of your choice before you buy. I mention this only because I have seen a good many sad people in my lifetime who bought first then fired at the range.

    You might wish to consider the truly classic .375 H and H in your group.

    The .416 has a lot going for it in terms of market popularity.

    Anyway, good luck and good shooting.
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    Midas:You are already on my 'HERO' list and I hope you do not think it necessary to bruse and possibly debilitate yourself,suffering the punishment a .416 rigby or .458 lott can and will dish out.Taking both in 10lb rifles the .416 has 58lbs and the .458 has 70lbs.But if you just have to indulge in this,do not think you are the only one that suffers from a strange affliction that can not be explained.I got a good deal on a .416rem a few years back and took it.After suffering through sightin,all I could think of available to try it out on was woodchucks.I made 1 shot kills on two chucks at about 150yds and decided this probably wasn't the ideal cal. for small varmints.I sold it to someone that was going to Africa and my shoulder healed up in 3wks.If you really desire one,go for it,whether you need it or not. sam.
  12. We have some big and mean critters here in NW Arkansas....One thing about the 416 is you will only have to shoot them one time.
  13. I've always wanted a .416 Rigby. I've also always wanted a double in .470NE. So I guess I'm a glutten for punishment.
  14. Well it'll work for deer but I don't know what you'll have left!
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    I've had a couple of #1s in Rigby and a CZ 550 Rigby. Very cool cal. Very versatile, load it with 350 gr. bullets and you've got full 06 trajectories. Throw in a 400 gr. and its a stopper. I sold my Rigbys because I have a very nice Mod. 70 in 416 Rem, it's a little smaller and does about the same thing. The Rigby will cost more than the Lott to load. Brass is quite expensive. Lott brass is fairly cheap. If you just want a stunt gun and not too serious about hunting it get the Lott. If you want to actualy use it, the Rigby is great. I carried my CZ last year on a couple of Deer hunts loaded withe the 350 TSX at 2650-2700. Big guns are best if you take them out and use em.
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  17. Midas

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    Thank you for the replies gentlemen, it appears as if I will be getting the .416 Rigby, I already own a .375 H&H, or that option would be on the table. For the past couple of weeks, it has seemed like the barrel on the ole .375 H&H just isn't big enough for my liking. Maybe shooting the Rigby will knock some sense into my head :D
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    Good luck. Hope you don't permanently injure your shoulder.
  19. samuel

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    I never scoped anything that stout but I would have to now and a 4.5" or 5" relief would be my choice.It prevents rings forming on your forehead and around your eye. sam.