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Big Game Scopes

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by pappa, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. pappa

    pappa G&G Regular

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    In the less than $250 price range, what scope do you have and really like?
    No Kahles, Leopold, etc., as these aren't in my price range. I need a lot of light gathering in dark woods for 50 to 200 yard shots.
    I am thinking of going with the BSA Catseye 3.5-10X50 IllumReticle that the American Rifleman covers this month.
    I was impressed that it could "shoot the square" that good.
    However, I am still open to other suggestions. Thanks!!
    About the "artwork"...I haven't grown up.
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  2. papa, I got a good Tasco 4x16x50 mm. Adjustable objective, and target turrets. Got it mounted on a REM. .308. It is clear, and holds its zero. Gave 120$ for it.

  3. Double D

    Double D G&G Newbie


    I am probably in the minority as I have a burris 2.75X fixed power scope and it is VERY bright. Great glass, holds zero (when Ihaven't shot the base loose, obviously not the scopes fault). has the burris 2-7X Compact Scope for about $234. I have the Leupold QRW rings and love them but that willl add another $50 to the tab. The glass is great and it carries a lifetime warranty and the ranges you describe would be perfect for that scope plus it's smaller size will save you some carry weight. I know that there are much cheaper optics out there, and the Tasco EXP is compeling, but ultimately they are just cheaper. have you thought about checking a PAWN shop for a high dollar scope at a middle to low dollar price? May be some good deals out there.
  4. Adirondack Bill

    Adirondack Bill G&G Newbie

    For what you want to spend I would recomend the Simmons
    Aetec 2.8x10x44 You can get it from Cabelas for 159.99. I have two of them that I've been using for about 5 years. Very nice optics.
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  5. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    Aetec 2.8x10x44 with illuminated reticle.
    i got mine from ebay like $168.00
    i use it on a bolt .270 and so far no problems, I love the optics during lowlight, unless you are putting it on something bigger than a 7mm Magnum I think you will love it. i bought a BSA cateye for my dad for Christmas, but i can't report anything as yet as I believe i will have to set it up on his rifle when i get home for a visit. ornery ole feller won't give up his $35.00 bushnell
    The Aetec i use in the cold wet of Northern Ny state for deer, and down here in central florida no problems yet, i even took a spill in some blue clay and the scope stayed dead nuts zero- i like it