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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by NavyNuke, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Hey so I know that I have not been posting but i have been following. Just have a lot to do before I leave for boot camp. While I was packing up my wife looked up the moving guidelines the navy has and it said that the movers will NOT move explosives including ammunition. My question for all of you is how can I get my ammo from Prescott AZ to Goose Creek SC? Any help that you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated.
  2. UPS might be an option

  3. gandog56

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    UPS ground may be his ONLY option
  4. 338RUM

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    I say either ship it by UPS and they will charge shipping plus $20 HAZMAT fee or put it in different boxes and have them ship it anyway!
  5. Like all others have stated, UPS with the correct ORM-D labeling.

    Ask your transprotation office about doing a partial DITY (do it yourself move). The movers take furniture and stuff and you arrange for your valuables.

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    alright UPS it is then. does anyone know what i need to do to get it there as far as anything special? obviously i need to pay for special hazmat handling but is there anything i personally need to do before i go there? also an i got to any ups store or do i need to go to a ups warehouse?
  7. 338RUM

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    Just make sure it does not rattle excessively and take it to the ups store tell them what it is and they will do the rest, save for payin for it
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    how are YOU getting there? take it with you. you can put it in checked baggage.
  9. samuel

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  10. NavyNuke

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    how much ammo can you take in checked luggage?
  11. Mooseman684

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    11 pounds Maximum...not much
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    Sounds like you'd be better off shipping it to yourself wherever your destination address is. If you can fit it in an ammo can, that might be a good idea to help protect it, and then find a snug box for it so it won't get tampered with. Just a thought. Good luck!
  13. you guys sure about having to pay a hazmat fee with ups for ammo? i've paid it for powder and primers but NEVER paid a hazmat fee on shipped ammo. what gives?
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    Give the ammo to me in Flagstaff :)
  15. Sober

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    Thats strange seeming as Live ammo has Powder and Primers inside it.
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    I havent either, You can go on UPS website, create a account and print your own label. And drop it off at a store or have it picked up, and no one but you will ever know whats inside unless they open it. This is what I do Ive been offloading a good deal of my ammo lately in calibers I no longer use
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    I never pay hasmat for loaded ammo,only primers and powder. ,,,sam.
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    Shoot it all, then let TMO ship the brass!
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    UPS Stores won't ship the stuff, so they may not have the correct ORM-D stickers you will need. Warehouse will have it.
  20. gandog56

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    I don't know if there is a hazmat or not on loaded ammo, since I never shipped any. But the correct stickers still must be applied. :spank: