Big Oil's big 'problem'

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    US giants Conoco and Exxon have more money these days than they know what to do with, so they're handing it out to shareholders. What they aren't doing with it is much that will reduce the oil crunch.

    While many Americans struggle to fill their gas tanks, big U.S. oil companies are making so much money that they literally don't know what to do with it.

    Instead of reinvesting more of their newfound wealth to increase supplies or develop emerging technologies that might one day reduce energy costs, they are giving much of the loot to shareholders already enjoying outsized gains.

    Big Oil's big 'problem' - MSN Money
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    umm.... they're complaining about giving people money??? so much stupid

  3. When I typed in Gun and Game at Yahoo I noticed a story that said Oil has gone up again because of worry's about supply's.

    I didn't read the story, but it made me think because Oil should actualy be less than half of what it is right now.

    When something happens to affect supply that "really" cause's it to go up and because Oil is the price it is now I see disaster a come'in !!!!

    I'm serious as cancer !!!! If supply's are getting low then it is possible for Oil to skyrocket to over $300.00 a barrel in days.
    Well see...A.H
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    It's all smoke and mirrors boy's. Just keep stocking up on guns, ammo, water and food. Govt. has no plans other than holding bullcrap hearings and investigations. We are on our own.

    Riots and unrest coming soon to a town near you...
  5. $200 a barrel by the end of this year!!!? That's what they're predicting now.

    Marine1..............I think you'll find, if you do some research, that all the Major Oil companies are heavily into alternative energy research & development!

    (ps I'm an oil company employee, shareholder and consumer)
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    Big Oil's Big Problem congress. If the'd just get out of the way.....If we'd just build things.....

    "Big" anything is a hangover from klinton.

    I'm "big oil" too--and proud of it ! :09:
  7. So if Big Oil also controls the alternative forms of energy do ya think they'll make those available at prices that hurt their own prices?
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    I think oil companies are developing alternatives because they know oil will run out or become pricey some day. I think we need more competition in the alternatives field, though.

    Asking an oil company to fund this (by congress) is a pretty silly question, I think. It's alot like telling Coke they need to give Pepsi some pointers and $ to make their soft drinks sell better.
  9. I read somewhere that "BIG OIL" has a profit margin of over 8% almost 9. Who do they think they are. They are the envy of every business in the world. Can you imagine how well you could live on an 08-09% profit margin if you had a small business. That 8 cent on the dollar must be a dream. The reason they make so much money is because they are huge. Do you remember why they merged just a few years ago? Not gonna tell you. Look it up.
  10. JK those mergers came back to bite us !
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    We have Oil wells all over the country that are just sitting not being utilized!
    We have Billions of barrel of oil in Alaska that the Government has locked up...
    We have Billions of barrels of oil offshore we are not tapping...
    We have Trillions of cubic feet of Natural gas not being utilized...
    We have Safe Nuclear Power plant Technology and we let the greenies stop them from being installed and utilized with government Regulations...
    Our country and its economy are in a shambles...
    Face it folks...we have been Hosed !

    Quote of the Day..."Poor People have been voting for Democrats for the last 50 years,.............and they are still poor."
    William Buckley

  12. I agree with the nuclear power part but using our own oil is stupid. KEEP IT IN THE GROUND!! we need to use nuclear, solar, and alternative fuels first. As soon as we finally get any of these programs going, which we really don't have, then the fuel prices will lower and we slowly suck the middle east dry while we are slowly becoming less and less dependent on oil. "But wait!", you say, "what about having oil for plastics!!!? There is none left!" but there is still oil in the U.S. that hasn't been tapped yet. that means we are the only one with the oil to produce plastics. the middle east will be out of funding and we can leave them with there camels and sand. Why would we waste our oil and burn it? use if for plastics and make money off of it by selling it to the rest of the world!!! CAPITALISM AT ITS BEST!
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    Have the Government veto or rescind the "Greenie" laws relating to the new technology nuclear power plants and get from 12 to 20 of them under construction now.

    The oil companies could use somer of their profits to build new refineries.
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    cremley, I disagree for the near term--our dollar is being used against us and we're funding our enemies and our own economic downfall. Holding resources in reserve at this stage is not wise--using them to build new energy sources is. It's like having 10,000 in the bank and keeping your 5000 limit credit card maxed out, paying 21% interest on it.
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    Let me show you how our elite in Washington work to spin this. I told you the hearings on big oil is bullcrap. It's all just politics to make the other side look bad.

    If your a member of the NRA and or you own guns you should know the name Senator Chuck Schumer.

    "If Saudi Arabia were to increase its production by 1 million barrels per day that translates to a reduction of 20 percent to 25 percent in the world price of crude oil, and crude oil prices could fall by more than $25 dollar per barrel from its current level of $126 per barrel. In turn, that would lower the price of gasoline between 13 percent and 17 percent, or by more than 62 cents off the expected summer regular-grade price -- offering much needed relief to struggling families."

    And yet Schumer has said a million barrels from ANWR would only reduce the price of gasoline by one penny.

    I'm confused why the ANWR oil would not have lowered the price at the gas pumps too. Maybe an ANWR oil penny is worth 62 pennies on todays dollar. I'm just too stupid to figure this stuff out.

    Senators like Chuck Schumer are everywhere in our Govt. We're not the greatest nation...we're the stupidest.
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    I believe Chuck and the truth have a very dysfunctional relationship in all regards.
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    Isn't it their money to do with it what they want? If they want to hand it out to shareholders, then so be it. For people who champion an individuals rights to make their own decisions and remain independent from the government taking our money, it seems hypocritical to complain about oil companies making a lot of money and giving it to shareholders. Yes gas prices are high, if at all possible don't drive as much, that is the only way to lower the prices without the government playing around and playing socialist. I'll pay $5.00 a gallon with a smile on my face before I hope the government steps in and boogers it up even more.
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    ^^If the gov't steps in (other than to get out of the way and allow all fuels to be used, unrestricted drilling, as well as building new power sources) you'll see gas at $10/gal AND there will be gas lines.

    Look at how well they did with the TSA :(

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    I've seen a video on you tube. A guy made a working car that ran on water. They said he and his lawyer was working on selling his patent. That was the last you heard about it. They probably bought him out to shut him up. The problem is water is free and they haven't figured out how to charge us for it yet. They aren't going to give us technology unless they can get into our pockets. Our country is screwing us just as hard as the big oil countries. Heres the video [ame][/ame]
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  20. How many of you saw this?

    SEN. DICK DURBIN (D), ILLINOIS: Does it trouble any of you when you see what you`re doing to us? The profits that you`re taking? The costs that you`re imposing on working families, small businesses, truckers, farmers? Does it trouble you when you say, you know, "If we take that extra billion dollars here, it`s right out of America. It`s right out of our economy."

    Is there anybody here that has any concerns about what you`re doing to this country

    Out of the mouths of BOOBS.

    Now for Schumer:

    SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D), NEW YORK: What is Chevron`s future plans in Burma, in the wake of the massive popular opposition to the military junta, and its initial refusal to accept disaster aid?

    I'd have answered "Hell I don't know. I was gonna follow your lead on that one. Heck I'm not a politician and that sounds like a political problem to me".

    This reminds me of the old saying "If you point your finger at someone, remember there are 3 more pointing at you!"

    If they wanted to help they would suspend the Tax on fuel. Diesel is 28.6 cent per gallon. Do the math. How much money would you save if you had to buy 120 gallons of fuel a day? (given a six day work week) The truth is these same Senators wont cut taxes come hell or high water.
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