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    If our citys and counties law enforcement got anymore incompatine...or if anymore get arrested (cenral florida has lots of problems with police being arrested..usaly Capt. or above)....Im gona start to worry. The big surprise is that the guy gave them a fake thats a first in the Law Enforcement community...

    Murder Suspect Mistakenly Set Free From Local Jail
    (07/15/02) -- The man was wanted for murder, but deputies didn't know that until they'd already let him go. Deputies say the suspect gave them a fake name. And before they knew his true identity, he was a free man again. The suspect was in and out of sheriff's custody in just four hours time. The most obvious mistake is jail officers let him go before they knew who he was.

    Forty-two-year-old Frank Piacitelli is wanted for murder by Fort Lauderdale Police. An intelligence bulletin was issued to all state law enforcement to be on the lookout for the man. It gave his last known addresses, his aliases, his photo, the type of car he may be driving, even a tag number.

    In the early morning hours of Sunday, July 14th, a Brevard County Sheriff's deputy spotted the suspect walking along Malabar Road. He began questioning him and ended up arresting him for loitering and prowling and possession of marijuana. But the suspect gave a false name, and before deputies could verify who he really was through fingerprint checks, Mr. Piacitelli had already posted his $500 bail and was let go.

    Mr. Piacitelli was last seen driving a 1985 Black Mercedes 300e with Florida tag LP16K. Investigators here have checked all his known addresses and have been unable to locate the suspect.

    The sheriff's chief deputy says an internal investigation is now underway to determine where the breakdown was that led to this mistake. Jail officers clearly should have waited on fingerprint identification before releasing the suspect.

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    It sucks but caca happens, I still have allot of respect for the brevard deputies, that and they are lenient on speeders-like me.
    Now I have been getting allot of info from some Cape troopers about the Cocoa city polizi being very... well how can i put this "tainted". I don't have any reason to believe these guys would fib about this, though thecocoa cities have a bad job in that cesspool dubbed "lil Vietnam" so who am I to question their standards.
    Now I do have a problem with the Rockledge Police, they are hard on folks travelling through there, must be generating allot of revenue for the city. But all in all Florida catches all the trash from up Nuth' and there has to be some kind of heavy policing action or all the near deads that retire down here would be like sheep to the slaughter, I for one appreciate Florida's stance on right to conceal carry, it is a war out here, and it seems all the trash from the bigger cities is moving up farther north in florida- hope they can learn how to use our voting equipment in Brevard, what an emberacement, and the whole nation was put on hold for a handfull of idiots that can not follow simple instructions and screamed foul. Anyhow anyone thinking of moving down here after a trip to Disney get all the facts, if you are from a big city you will love it, if you are a small towner or rural- well just visit living here sucks for me, but I am stuck here for now.
    Good news is there is a gun Show this weekend and I have money for GUNS! That and Janet reno doesn't have a chance, cause her voters can't figure out how to fill out a ballot :)

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    Tonto you forgot to warn the people from North of the Massion dixon line that Fl is a right to work..non union state and our wage scale is slightly lower that the union states. Been seeing all the appartments they are building on Murrel road over by Veira blvd (near Kash and Carry).... Your right aint no cows in suntree/viara...unless you mean leather seats:):p
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    yupper unless you can get a cushy govmnt. job at Cape Kennedy no Union so be prepared to work two jobs or have business!
    I belong to local 773 however.But our contractor is hating it and only waiting to try and bust us out . About the only thing i can think of that I don't like about the Repub. party, they are always trying to bust unions too.
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    There's still plenty of room up here for citizens willing to work. I'd bet good money you could find decent work up here in a week, especially if you're union. The climate's a heckuva lot more amenable, too. So's the people. What's your trade? We got us a $4 billion contract to build an industrial strength glowing glass factory up here (vitrification plant for radioactive waste), plus a whole bunch of other projects. Our local economy is skyrocketing. Gen laborers out of the halls are making well over $25/hour plus a full benefits. Skilled craftsmen get paid premium plus incentives to stay cuz there ain't enough to go around and these being govt. projects, everyone has to pay prevailing wage for crafts. Our unemployment here is probably 1% or so.

    Whaddya think?
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    Plenty of jobs in Texas, too. Don't you love the way that pro union people alway neglect to subtract dues, wages lost from strikes, layoffs due to union policies, bankruptcies, etc. when they calculate income?
  7. Send me an application to that glass factory! I've been looking to change jobs here but I cant find one that comes close to what I make now. Been doing the same kind of work for 20+ years and I'm sick of it. And the boss is an idiot.
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    I hate Unions...I love right to work states...The Republican party folds like a brand new map when it comes to fighting the Democratic party and their Union cronies