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We Love It!!!!!

Klaus, I was trying to present how good a Deer can blend into his surroundings...the Photo is as good as the woods that he was in, if you were in the tree, that's exactly the way it would have looked to your eye...That's why one second you see nothing and the next second he's under your tree looking at you. His body (with bowed back) is very visiable as is both rear legs, you are looking for his legs straight under his tail aren't you? His body is straight away from you starting at his tail. Fla. Deer has a long neck, His highly visible head is to the left of his body on the end of his neck, as he had his head turned to the left.
If his head is turned to the left, then that would place his mouth and nose, straight under his Eye, mouth directed to the ground. Oil Well,
Surly you can see him, I think your just messing with me and from the looks of all the post and script you have succeded again. Some people say I'm alittle slow, I like to think of it as very forgiving. I will admit it's been intiquing, and has helped me in learning to post a picture. I need lots more practice though..
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