Bill Clinton Inducted Into Black Hall Of Fame

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    If he comes out with a rap album...Im leaveing the country....was gona put something else but I think it would violate a feederal law or 2.

    Bill Clinton Inducted Into Black Hall Of Fame
    About 850 People Give Standing Ovation
    Posted: 9:04 a.m. EDT October 21, 2002
    Updated: 9:06 a.m. EDT October 21, 2002

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- He was once described as the nation's "first black president." Now, former president Bill Clinton has some props to go with the honorary title.

    He has been inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame. The honor by the hall located in his home state makes him the first non-black recognized in the hall's ten-year history.

    Clinton received a loud, standing ovation from the 850 people on hand for the ceremony in Little Rock, Ark.

    Clinton told the audience that black folks "have looked beyond the color of my skin to the truth of my heart."

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