Bill Gates goes to Heaven

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    Bill Gates dies and is up at the pearly gates.

    St Peter: Well, you've got a choice. Have a look around here. Pop down to Hell and see what Satan has to offer. Check us out, and then let me know your decision.

    Bill has a look around heaven. Lots's of somber people singing hymns, praising the Lord.

    He goes down to Hell. There are beautiful beaches, lots of sun, sand, attractive women. Long cool drinks that never get you drunk. He loves it. He goes back to St Peter.

    Gates: Look, I know you're really doing good things here, but Hell seems more with it. More my kind of scene, you know what I mean? No hard feelings, but I pick Hell.

    St Peter: No worries. You've got it.

    Bill finds himself back in Hell, neck deep in fire and brimstone, suffering eternal torment. He can't figure it out.

    Gates: Hey! St Peter! Where are the beautiful girls and long beaches and cool drinks?

    St Peter: Sorry if you got confused, That was just the beta version...