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  1. I got this from another forum. Mr Ricca is a very well respected indivdual in the Garand community. He is very knowledgeable about U.S. G.I. military small arms weapons from WWII-Korea era.

    Hope you guys find this helpful--
  2. I agree, too. I've only done business with Bill once, but I've never heard a bad word about him or his products. Very willing to work with you on a specific part you need.

  3. John M/Ohio

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    I also have found him to be very knowledgeable and a Gentleman. I know you will find him the same.
  4. Armorer

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    I went to see which one of these locks I had On me M1.

    None of them!

    It seems mine has a flash hider attached to it :)
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    Hi all,
    Bill Ricca is tops with parts and knowledge of small arms. I have dealt with him over the past 30 years. If you have any problem with him which you won't Bill will take of you ASAP.
    I hope this data helps
    Thanks again