Billboard buyer shares why he brought 'Vote Obama?' sign to the Ozarks

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  2. Death threats and accusations of racism,,, typical Democrat response to anyone who doesn't like their community organizer/absent senator/horrible President. I just wonder where these people were when the last president was constantly slandered and lied about on a minute by minute basis for 8 years, well actually it all started after he went into Iraq like all the Democrats wanted at the time and when we didn't lose 40,000 men while going into Baghdad after only 3 weeks into the war things were going just a bit to well an that's when the treason and lies began, along with the NY times and abu ghraib. As far as the sign goes, I think its a waste of money for those guys and why do that, your only preaching to the choir or offending some bed wetting Daffy Duck Democrat so what good does it really do? None I say.

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    did you notice the next article?

    Clinic in Mountain View MO sees spike in people needing free medical care | KY3 News, Weather, Sports - Springfield, MO | Video

    and for the record Obama has done exactly what i predicted. Disappoint. Just like Blaire did back in the old country. personally I still have hope (that there will be a candidate worth my vote one day) and change, well I haven't noticed any. gas is still way more expensive than it was when I moved back here, rent goes up every year, wages have stayed about the same. and ciggies are twice the price the were 7 years ago. all that said this is my country and I love it. I can't believe how lucky I was to be born here.