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    Since the SKS is "front heavy" Nicholas has trouble keeping it stable when he shoots. Sooooo, I bought a bipod that attaches to the front sling swivel mount. But, the Tapco Intrafuse stock I bought doesn't have a sling swivel mount. Sooooo, I bought a pair at 1/2 and 3/4 inches, and drilled the stock and screwed in the 1/2 inch one, and attached the bipod. The 1/2inch stud does not touch the barrel. It is firm and steady. Nicholas rolled out his 4' x 6' "sniper mat" and after a little squirmin; and wigglen', gave it his approval.

    The bipod is a Caldwell XLA 6" to 9" and the sling swivel studs are Uncle Mike's 2520-0, in case some one else wants to do this. I ordered them from Midway USA. I'll post photos in a day or so.

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    I'll be interested to know if y'all get the typical vertical movement of POI that a barrel mounted bipod usually causes?

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    Big Dog: I'll let you know once we take it to the range.
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    sks bi 1.JPG sks bi 3.JPG Here are a couple of photos of the bipod mounted to the SKS. The bipod extends 6 to 9 inches. I'm not very good with these digital cameras. Please excuse the messy loading bench.
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    AH! NOT a barrel mounted unit. Should be good and solid then!

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    I know that the Yugo SKS barrel is a lot more "beefy" so I don't think a bipod mounted on the bayonet lug is going to hurt the accuracy much if at all. Just my opinion.
  7. Big Dog

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    The Yugo barrel is no more 'beefy' than others, it just has more hardware attached. The stock is certainly heavier, giving it greater overall heft.
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    I don't worry about the extra weight of the bipod. I have bipods on my rifles so I can use them since I can't hold a rifle steady enough to shoot off hand.

    I like the look of how you mounted it forward. I find it helps me with my steadiness to have my bipods as far forward as possible. That way, movement of the stock as I aim translates to very little movement to the point of aim.
  9. ninwnc

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    I mounted it forward because the stock seemed thicker there, and I thought it would give more clearance between the barrel and the end of the swivel stud.