Bitter, Clingy Gun Owners of America

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    "Iâ??m a bitter/clingy gun ownerâ??and Iâ??m happy about it!" writes Doug Giles.

  2. Now that's an article. Dam good read. I like it. To bad one mans words won't even spill over into the national main stream media. I truly think if more people read of all the other gun bans or gun control, researched it/them for themselves, many would change their minds about gun bans and gun control...
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    GGReporter: Sir; good or maybe and excellent find. Thank You.
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    You notice that this article is not getting any play in the mainstream media, even after some writers and talking heads said Obama went too far. Personally, I think he just showed his true colors with that speech in San Francisco, home district of antigun fanatic Nancy Pelosi and a place frequented by Dianne Fienstein, antigun fanatic. Apparently the fact said town just got their face slapped by the courts for an unconstitutional handgun ban eluded Obama. He really stepped on the ol' crank in golf shoes with that speech!
  5. I would like to go hunting with him. If nothing else, just carry his guns.
    I agree 100% with his feelings.