Bizarre Snow Cruiser Located in Antarctic ... Maybe

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    My mother was the daughter of a famous amateur radio operator and electronics engineer. She was a serious fan of Admiral Byrd, and was seriously annoyed that when he advertised for a teenager to go to Antarctica with him on his third expedition, he would only consider Eagle Scouts, not female teens. She told me about the Snow Cruiser when I was a kid, but assumed its location was long lost due to ice drift. So naturally I found this article interesting.
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    Cyrano: Sir; another historical wow weee :)

    The Snow Cruiser, built in just 11 weeks the summer of 1939 at a cost of $150,000, was to be the ultimate mobile Antarctic base. It was designed by Thomas Poulter, who very nearly died after being trapped at a very-stationary camp near the South Pole on an earlier expedition. He imagined that a mobile research center would be much safer and more effective, so he set out to build one. A really big one, too—about 56 feet long and 16 feet high.
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    I've heard about it and maybe read a sci-fi book with either it or a similar vehicle in it.

    Shocked me reading about the tires. I can't really understand the rationale behind smooth tires.

    Wasn't the beast at least tested somewhere here in winter time!?
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    if it had tracks instead of wheels, it probably would have succeeded. there were even tracked vehicles designed for the snow back in WWII. the Weasel was the U.S. version.
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    That thing sorta reminds me of the APC from Aliens. :p
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    Kind of like a Liberal designing a gun.
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    I'd love to see it recovered, and maybe restored if possible.
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    I think you're thinking of the Landmaster from the movie Damnation Alley. The Wikipedia article on it:
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    No a book I read sometime ago. Fictional, final setting Antarctica.
    Can't recall the author's name but delt with a nice mix of pre-flood, escaped Nazis and what's "really"under the ice conspiracy theories. Made for a decent plot.
    Probably make a fairly good movie if done right.
    Damnation Alley was a whole different ball of wax.

    The only movie that came close to the book was Alien vs. Predator and only in comparison to the ancient structure in the movie and the one in the finale of the book.

    In fact the similarities in settings and a tiny scrap of plot similarity is why I remember the book
    The bad ending long ago with the Predators being swamped by Xenomorphs causing a polar shift. And in the book a natural polar shift in the past but the book's villian wanting to cause another polar shift so his band of superduper Supermen can emerge from the ashes or maybe in the novel's case ice cubes.
    It's been a while but I think it may have simply been called Polar Shift by Clive Cussler. The villian came across as a Nazi but I'd call him an enviro-nazi.