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    Ok striped the stock on the Mosan I just got...never seen so much inbeded cosmolin in my life...easy off did not tuch it..carb cleaner bounced off finaly used acatone and striper..stuck it in a plastic bag in my car under the FL sun and got most of it...the stalk looked like a sebra...Tried useing Walnut stain and still looked like a sebra (black spots all over)...restriped and sealed and used Jacobbean (black) stain....finaly starting to look the same color....all black.....cant believe I made a Mosan Political incorrect..what is it they call the AR-15 Ugly Black Gun....guess I could get the barrel powder coated pink or something :rolleyes:
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    A buddy suggested burying them in kitty litter for a couple of weeks. I used semi-liquid stripper on mine, and it worked so-so.
    A professional wood-worker suggested "whiting" from the hardware shop. I might try that next time.

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    I tried "wood bleach" in the past with no luck what so ever...I did use a paste of comet clenser you know that powdered scouring ppowder and bleach that did pretty good....When I used a gel striper from Wal-mart it did ok just alot of grease and some places were the stock was repaired the seams were visible....
    I keep buying theses things more for the experaminting and experience of learning to refinish blueing and the likes...getting better each time... not something you could do with say a Weatherby....I like the honey pine look of my SKS (New) but cant get Mosna stocks clean enough to get that look to come out...guess when I order my next one on payday I shoot for that look....
    For now its looking kinda stock and a black barrel...little shinny of a finish..will steel wool between next coat...the Jacob bean stain seems to cover the inperfections of the stock well granted it does not look like an issue Mosan but such is life.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with such a problem refinishing the stock. Acetone worked the best on mine and it was pretty soaked with grease and oil. I did use some brake parts cleaner at first and it didnt do much. Its not much different than carb cleaner. I have a woodworkers book that I read and there is a chapter on making the colors the same by using a type of paint on the light spots. I sure wouldnt put paint on my wood stock! I just finished putting on the last (I hope) coat of polyurethane and It came out super nice. It turned out WAY better than I thought it would and the colors are really neat. Now I have to clean up my mess. I have been sitting on the floor in front of the couch watching TV and sanding and using steel wool for the past week. The stock is hanging from a hook in the ceiling to dry. I dont want any bugs or dust so I brought it indoors. I'll bet you married guys couldnt get away with that! A pink barrel....hmmmm
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    Actualy I hang my stock from a hook in the grage...nice puddle of dried stain on the floor...but working 60+ hours this week so clean up later...this is comeing out nice..just strange seeing an all black mosen. Might do the poly coating as well....that stuff sure hold up well. I've been kicking the idea around of useing a 6" dia 4ft tall peice of PVC cap off each end...fill with degreaser like minareal sperits or parts cleaner and let the stock soak for a few days.... like everyone else Ive tried everything except voodoo to get the grease out.....
    Welp time to get my Gun Berrer Gurka to go and fetch my debit card...its mosan degreaser hunting time.

    Speaking of Pink..check out this Charles Daly Pistol..from THEIR Web site...scary..:confused:
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    I tried these tips from stock doc over on the garand page. First coat the stock with a gritless hand cleaner. I used goop brand. Leave it on for 15min. then use a toothbrush and some more cleaner and brush it with the grain. Rince and let dry. You'll be suprised how much crud comes out with just the hand cleaner.
    Then I went to Home Depot and got some TSP(Trisodium Phosphate). It's a wood and deck cleaner. Mixed it with water in a plastic tub about twice as stong as the directions said and let the stock soak, scubbing it with a toothbrush about every hour.
    (be sure to wear rubber gloves, this stuff will burn your skin)
    This is an all day process, but the stock came out looking like it never had finish on it.
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    That Charles Daly is a 10 shot .45 too. Used to have one, though mine was black. Replaced it with my Sig P226 .40. Still think highly of the Daly, though.
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    this is going to sound stupid(why do i find myself saying that so often?) but it works for me.put on your swim suit (optional,and i don't want to know!),grab a bottle of dawn dishwashing soap and a good stiff nylon brush,hit the shower and go to 91/30 stock actually showed bleached spots the next day. be sure to clean the shower before the wife gets home,though.
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    well, uhh ok what ever works for you pal.........
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    I like the Goop and TSP idea a lot...sounds better that Mosan on a Rope in the shower..unless I go to prison :) Gurka is still wreseling the infamaus debit card from the evil "You got too many guns" wifee poo so may be a day or two before I order another Mosan...Ill try to goop scrub then soak it in TSP a few days...and report back...
    The current Mosan is takeing on a Coffee Black look to it..still too much of a shine to it.... worse case Ill break out the striper on it...but then I like strange things...will try to post a pic when its done.