Black Powder 7.62x39 ?

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  1. Thought some of you handloaders might be able to inform me a little. Before you ask, this is purely theoretical. I wouldn't dream of actually trying it.

    I've been reading a fiction book called "Guns of The South". The premise is that white supremacists go back in time and give AK's to the South. The head time-nazi thinks Lee is being too kind to black prisoners and threatens to cutoff the ammo supply. Lee then muses about reloading the spent brass with black powder and cast bullets.

    I was just wondering what would happen if one were to actually do this. I don't know enough about any of it to even hazard a guess.
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    1. The rifle would fire.

    2. The rifle probably would not cycle.

    3. Cleanup of the gas system would be a mess.

    4. Accuracy would probably be dismal, as the low velocity and resultant low spin rate would probably not stabilize the bullet.

    5. Separate primers did not yet exist during the Civil War. Percussion caps did. I suppose someone could develop them given the example of existing ammunition.

  3. 'The premise is that white supremacists go back in time and give AK's to the South.'
    And the loading ammo part bothers you?
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    there goes that one, how ya gonna time travell?
    you could do it the loading thing they knew what made the muskets fire
    and it would work,eventually it would gum up the works though.
    but to convert caps would not be too hard especially if you had encentive and tools. you ain't gonna gget full auto though.
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    Is there any place in this that they serve cheesecake? sam.
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    And y'all think Wolf ammo is dirty.... :kinky:

    Actually, a few years back, I read an article where a guy reloaded .45ACP with BP, and fired it in a 1911A1. It functioned - for awhile. Got gunked up PDQ though!
    It would work better in a revolver or a single-shot rifle, methinks.

    If you do try it - use Hodgdon's Triple Seven ("777") powder - it burns much cleaner than true BP or Pyrodex. It's 10% more powerful too - use a strong action! :nono: