Blackhawk .357 Max.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DonEKing, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. DonEKing

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    Anyone out there still own or previously owned the Blackhawk .357 Maximum?

    I've still managed to hold onto mine. But since Remington stopped producing the ammo -- I haven't shot it in a while. I've been thinking of reloading my own rounds, because you can still buy brass and dies.

    Anyone out there load or buy from someone that loads .357 Maximum?

    I've been content with just shooting .357 Magnums thus far.

    Also, has anyone experienced erosion or damage to thier .357 Max. from extensive shooting of these rounds. From my understanding, erosion problems were some of the factors that Ruger decided to stop production.
  2. gillamax77

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    I Do Not Own One But If You Are Willing To Sale Or Trade I'm Listening. I've Looked Around For One But Cannot Find Them At Gun Shows. I Shoot .357 Max In My 10" Contender And Love It.i'm Serious About The Trade Or Sale Deal , I've Lots Of Good Firearms Just Collecting Dust Because I Don't Use Them Any More . Just The Contender And My 7x57 Mauser Or All I Shoot Basically Now.