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    Off the reservation here, nothing to do with guns, but hoping there might be some HO enthusiasts on GNG…

    Was looking at BLI “Paragon3” version of the PRR T1 (original version, not modified). For some that thing might look ugly, but to me it looks so 1930s-40s streamlined and studly. Want to get started on a DCC setup (focused on that streamlined era) and it would probably require a 25” to 30” radius to work properly, but still, the T1 is so cool looking. Paragon3 comes with lots of bells and whistles (literally), but my uncertainty is whether BLI builds a reliable product that can stand the test of time. Never had one so blank slate here. Don’t want to end up with a good looking albatross. Any opinions to share about BLI quality?

    (On a side note, I heard that some enthusiasts formed a nonprofit to build a full-size version of the original T1. That alone would be worth a trip to Pennsylvania!)

    Adding a picture:
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    No earthly idea what you are talking about. I don't know these designations.

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    model railroading.
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    I hope Santa Clause knows this "Lingo"? :D:D
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