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    On July 5, 2020 Doty Whitaker of Indianapolis, 24 years old, was shot in the head and killed. Ms. Whitaker was the mother of a three year old child. She was killed by a supporter of BLM (Black Lives Matter) because she supported ALM (All Lives Matter). After the murder, BLM supporters posted statements on social media including “Good riddance to another racist” and “Black lives matter, the rest of you are next.” Dozens of other statements on social media are too repugnant to repeat here.

    Doty Whitaker died for the belief that every life is sacred. BLM rejects ALM. From BLM’s racist perspective, ALM is a divisive statement that perpetuates white supremacy and violence against Blacks. In fact, BLM has this to say about ALM: “All Lives Matter is specifically weaponized to silence the call for justice and equality.”

    Weaponized. Think about that word: Weaponize. The word’s actual meaning is to place or mount a weapon on a missile or other delivery system. It originated with the former Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun in 1957 in reference to weaponizing missiles with nuclear bombs. But let’s give BLM a pass on using the word metaphorically.

    Proclaiming the sanctity of every human life, to support the right to life for every human being, regardless whether someone’s skin color is black, white, yellow, red, brown, blue, green, is a “weaponized” position from the perspective of BLM. That is a rather shocking perspective.

    That means our laws are weaponized. The law does not protect people based on their skin color. The law protects all people equally. But in BLM’s horribly skewed perspective, such laws are racially unjust specifically because they are colorblind. Taking BLM’s racist beliefs to their logical conclusion, all state and federal laws which prohibit the taking of any human life, regardless of skin color, are “weaponized” to silence the call for justice and equality.

    BLM is wrong. BLM is shamefully wrong. If I had to die for a belief, like Doty Whitaker did, I would certainly die for ALM over BLM.
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    This racist BS won't end until the Fed_Gov grows a pair, man's up and declares BLM as an illegal homegrown terrorist group and treats them as such. Hunt them down, arrest where possible, shoot them down if the resist. Nothing less will work.
    After the election, look for the BLMmer and auntypantyfas to ramp up their actions - no matter whether Trump or Biden wins.
    Good citizens will ultimately have to make a choice, allow these rabid animals continue burning, looting and murdering or start taking care of this trash with extreme prejudice. Bullets, rope, whatever it takes. Put these rabid animals DOWN HARD!
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    The funny thing is that if any group promotes White Supremacy, it is BLM. According to BLM, Whitey is the all-powerful creature that controls all destinies and fortunes. Whitey is the reason for their suffering. Everything Whitey does makes the world worse. Whitey has all the privilege; even a homeless white guy is somehow higher ranking on the privilege scale than Oprah or some semi-literate ball player. BLM can only succeed in their goals if Whitey is pushed aside.

    That is assigning an awful lot of superiority, strength, privilege and power to just one group of people based on skin tone.

    We have Proud Boys on one side, a group that is not only led by an Afro-Cuban man, but one where entire chapters are almost all non-white. On the other we have a truly racist organization with BLM.
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