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    Wabbits are easy to kill. Had an old BB rifle that was so wore out that you could see the BB leave the muzzle & follow it all the way to the ground! If holding the rifle at the shoulder, from our patio, the BB would hit the ground about the time it got to our backyard fence, about 60 ft!:oops:

    My wife caught them (cotton tails) in our garden just outside that fence. Intending just to run them off, she shot up into the air. One of them was hit & died on the spot!! She really grieved about that & had me bury it when I got home. There was just a barely discernible mark on the back of it's head!:rolleyes:
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    its made by "Cold Steel" I think they say its .67 .
    I just looked at that video in the o.p. again. those wart hogs and bigger birds are acting like they have been poisoned. some States used to allow bow hunters to use a poison on their arrows. I once got some from a friend from Mississippi where it was legal. it was a white powder that was put into a rubber cup that went over the arrow shaft behind the head. a veterinarian friend told me that it was a drug they used when operating on involuntary muscles. when used as a poison, it shut down the animal's heart suffocating it. I never used it (illegal in Fla.) and threw it away. the powder would have been hard to deliver on a blow gun dart. the Central American Indians make a dart poison from the secretions of a small colorful frog. in the Amazon the darts are poisoned with Curare which is made from a vine.
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    Other than gophers, rats, and birds, I found mine only useful for anything bigger, when I used poisoned hypodermic darts. Mine was the same as yours. I'm considering making another one out of Bamboo. Made one when I first moved to Texas, and it worked pretty well. Takes quite a while to make a good one though.
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    Can think of at least 10 of them idiots y’all can go after right now.

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    No, but it's perfectly legal to hunt elk with a .25 ACP pistol. And again, I am not kidding Randy.
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    I think I am calling BS on killing a bear with a blowgun. A piece of wire dropping a bear in three minutes? C'mon guys... There's a big pile of blood next to that bear when he gets up to it, from what? That blowgun dart? Horsecrap.

    There's nobody in their right mind that's going to go messing around with a bear after shooting it with a dart. That video is edited and they shot that bear with a gun.
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    I dont think even a thin dart will penetrate a bears hide. Hell even bullets sometimes wont penetrate them.
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    One of the comments... "Tim shoots a dart at 200 fps, to put it on perspective an arrow is around 300 fps..."

    Yeah, a 400g arrow with three 1.5 inch razor blades riding on the nose. Even then I've seen animals run a half a mile bleeding profusely. A bear with a dart... Uh-huh.
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    All you need to make your own blow gun is a 3 or so foot piece of 1/2" PVC, and a 1/2" PVC coupler. Make your own darts. There's YouTube videos on how to make the darts. When I was still working, we had a pigeon/squirrel problem in the garage. I didn't like rats with wings and since I was in charge, the winged rats had to go. I made darts out of wire nails and post it pads with some scotch tape or flooring nails and paper. Very effective, especially if you use compressed air to propel them. BTW, you can dress up your PVC blow gun with duct tape, many companies make decorated tape. I used a camo pattern.Here's the last one I made before I retired.


    The good thing is, if you buy a 10' piece of 1/2" PVC, you can make one 4' and two 3' blow guns and get everyone involved! Now I want to go make a bunch of darts and practice getting my "eye" back.
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    When I bought my blow gun I also bought a separate set of the cold steel razor sharp darts. They have a long broadhead tip that at it's widest part is 1/2" wide. In the video the guy also barely affixed the cone to the dart so when it hit the bear it would continue to penetrate. If he successfully shot the dart into the lungs or even severed an artery it would have killed the bear.

    Now I will agree with you that it didn't happen in 3 mins. Unless he hit a major blood vessel. I would think a lung shot would take quite some time to kill a bear or warthog unless both lungs were hit and then that would suffocate an animal fairly quickly. They would still travel a fair distance in that time and tracking them would require someone to be on top of their game since there would be next to no blood trail to follow. Bears are famous for not leaving a blood trail because of all the fat sealing off the wound channel.
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  11. 63B20

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    My 454 350 gr leaves a good trail most of the time.
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    There's just no way you're getting the kind of penetration with one of those darts to get through the hide and into the lungs or heart, no freaking way. Fur, plus an easy 1/4" of bear hide, a half inch of fat, and then muscle and miss the ribs and into the heart at 195fps and there's no weight behind it?

    Here, let's watch a blowgun against some ballistic gel.

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    I'm not arguing with you on this. I pretty much agree with you. All I was saying was if he were to have somehow gotten into the vitals or lucky enough to sever a major artery the animal would die.
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    I went and ordered a pack of the larger broad head darts. the small broad head darts that came with the blow gun aren't much. by the time I got it sharp, there wasn't much blade left.
    I can't see a light blow gun dart having the weight to penentrate the hair, hide, fat, muscle, rib bone and then lung or heart of a black bear. and if it did, that tiny broad head is going to only poke a tiny hole. I have killed and butchered black bears. their vitals are deeper and protected by all the afore mentioned body mass than those darts penentrated into that soft gelatin.
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    I think they are cool and I think I'll get some for my Tennessee place. It will be fun to see if I can get a rabbit with one.
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    They are fun that's for sure.
    Even with the plastic stun darts I was shooting through a cardboard box and hitting the wall with enough force to slightly dimple the drywall. The thwack that it made had my wife yell at me from upstairs to stop before I broke something. No doubt in my mind that those darts would chase an unwanted pest from ones yard pretty quickly. Would leave a pretty good welt as a reminder.
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