Blowing Away Stereotypes

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    Barack Obama just cannot make his comments about "bitter" small-town Americans who "cling to" guns or religion go away. And now the Wall Street Journal's Arthur Brooks makes a fact-based case for just how wrong Obama's comments are.

    According to the story, gun owners are happier in general than non-gun owning Americans. They earn more money and spend less time feeling "outraged" over the actions of others.

    Based on the tens of thousands of gun owners I've met, I'd say these statistics sound pretty accurate. If gun owners are angry, it's not because we feel let down that the government hasn't taken good care of us. It's because we feel the government won't let us take care of ourselves!

    But gun owners are angry about things like the D.C. Gun Ban, the attempts to ban semi-automatic firearms and .50 caliber rifles, legislation to track our ammunition purchases and to end private transfers of firearms, and all the other gun-control legislation that's designed to crack down on us instead of violent criminals.

    The presidential candidates would serve themselves well by reading Brooks' Wall Street Journal article. What they learn about gun owners might surprise them.

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    very well put!

  3. Same old . . .

    . . . . elitist, Federalist theme to Obama and Clinton. They will not and cannot change who they really are in their hearts.