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  1. Are Blue Sky Barrels crap?? Are the o.k. for having a shooter??
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    Any barrel that is not bent with a good muzzle and descent bore is a winner PERIOD dont let anyone tell you different. Oh it also needs to head space properly. I like the "cheap barrels for dumb reasons" like a T.E. of 7 or 8 with a tight muzzle. Means nothing to a shooter but for some reason people think T.E. is the deciding factor. WRONG not if it is under a 10. Most of us wont shoot enough to worry about it.
    I see so many folks saying they want a T.E. of 1 but never ask about the muzzle. I have seen a T.E. of 1 and a shot out muzzle from Denmark. They cleaned it more than it was ever shot. One last thing if ther is a dark ring on the inside be careful as it normally is a swollen bullet from a primer only round that had no powder or little in it and the second bullet came behind it and wammoed it so the barrel swelled. Rick

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    Do you have shooters with Blue Sky Barrels??

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    Nothing for sale but have had them and shot them. No problems except one that was able to swollow a ball bat hehehehe. I changed it out for a new barrel quickly. I have one with a Excell Gardner stamp on it but the muzzle isnt any good. It shot good but not for points. Rick
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    Do you sell Garands??
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    I have a 3.1 million all correct except the 51 barrel on it. It is in excellent shape and nice even dark finish. Email me if interested and I will give you my number if interested. Rick