BO Turns In USA to the UN

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    Is he going to run to the UN every time we all refuse to fall in step with his master plan? He already went this route with guns now with the unions. Hmm that word sounds familiar oh yeah I remeber now where I have heard it before. The Soviet Union! The only thing that was true about that interview is that there are states that have "right to work" laws. Which is a way to say you will not be forming a union in any company. I lived in Florida for 13 years and it is one of the states that basicly does not allow workers to form unions. Is that a human rights violation though and why would Bo Bo bring this before the UN without even mentioning it here first? Still if you really desire to work in a job that has a union then move to one of the 30 states that allows them and get a job. You have a choice.


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    I received a news flash, of this report on Monday.

    I still think Obummer is gonna be a 1 term Resident.
    And then run, for the top job at the UN.
  3. Mmmm,

    as I and others have pointed out Obama is internationalist in his views rather than American. Remember his "apologize for America" trip to Europe. That pretty much said it all.

    I feel it is a high crime for a president to betray his nation to the whims of the United Nations. The high crime I have in mind is treason.
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    The UN troops are nothing but a bunch of guys from all of the different nations that go to hot spots around the world and sit around and watch. Back in the 90's in Bosnia they sat by while the Serbs collected Muslims and put them behind barb wire fences and starved them and abused them. I have seen vidoe of the UN troops in their blue berets standing around the outside of the camp just watching it go on.

  6. We can change that in November.
  7. I concur Nathan.

    We should replace all of the stars and stripes and replace them with the blue flag.....
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    If he gets the Secretary-General's job, do you suppose the sitting President of the United States could revoke his American citizenship by executive order?

    As far as I'm concerned, regardless of where he was born he is not a good citizen of the United States of America. If he wants to be a globalist, let him become a citizen of the world -- someplace other than the United States! In my opinion, the Obamination is the greatest domestic threat to the freedoms of all Americans since Huey Long, and that's saying something.