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Board Closed message?????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 9, 2002.

  1. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    The last few days I tried loging on to the board at

    I got a mesage that the board was closed for security reasons...please come back. I only got to log on when I got an e-mail response to a post and followed that thread/link....whats up?
  2. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

  3. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    Doglips, I have already made several posts about this. Chris changed the IP and essentially created a second G&G board. The old bookmark is the wrong IP. I keep telling him and Jesse to make an official announcement about it, but they refuse. The 209.51 URL was from the original link they posted on the OLD G&G board. A few days ago they changed the IP and actually created a second G&G website. The people who used the URL were automatically transferred to the new board. The people with the numerical URL continued to go to the original site. The two sites did NOT talk to each other. Rather than follow my advice and inform people of the problem, after I discovered it, they just shut it down. I found the problem because I use 3 different computers to browse G&G and was hitting both sites and saw the discrepencies. Chris seemed to be under the impression that the old site was disabled, when in fact it was still operational. That is why many people are complaining about missing posts and setting changes.
  4. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I thought something was off. I would read the board over morning coffee and when I got to work and got board I would check it and it was like I went to a diffrent site. My bookmark (that I posted) gave me the close for security reasons and I thought the board had been hacked or something. Had it not been for an e-mail response to a post I would still be thinking the board was down..for ever. Wounder how many people are out their lost? Maybe Chris could send out e-mail to help the lost find their way home.
  5. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    Duh. I do not know why they can not post a simple explanation on the "old database". It really makes no sense to me. I suggested it several times, via email and posts. If you look at the Suggestions/feedback forum here, you will see some of my posts. I do not know why they won't listen to me. Perhaps you can talk some sense into Chris or Jesse.
  6. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    No disrespect to you, but Jesse and my own life is been very active, and such things with servers, you say you will handle it, and sometimes forget, and then life goes on, I will be trying to send an email to everyone about it soon no later than this weekend.

    But I was not ignoring your idea/suggestion, just got caught up in everything else but this, and it sometimes can happen with everyone.

    But it has been changed to say this.
  7. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    Oh, OK. It is just that you guys may lose members if no explanation is given on the old database. I would have thought it would only take a minute or so to put maybe 2 sentences up on the OLD URL. I realize that you put a link to the correct URL, but many people get discouraged at the Board Closed notice and do not try the link, since it is not obvious that they had the wrong URL.
  8. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Sorry everyone! E-mails will be sent. Hopefully the old database can be axed in the next two days. Chris has information on the old board to direct people to this URL.

    Again, sorry,

  9. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    The solution that worked for me

    I solved the same problem 2 or 3 days ago by a very simple method.

    When I found out through Klaus what the problem was, I just opened up a new e-mail notice from G&G.Com (which had the newer IP address) that was intended to notify me that a thread I had been using had been posted.

    After opening up that particular e-mail, I simply bookmarked it.

    The final very important step was to delete the old G&G.Com which I had previously bookmarked.

    Since then my entry into G&G.Com has been working perfectly.

  10. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    Or you can just type in for the URL.