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    I realy wish I was makeing the stuff up ive been posting...but as you all see I list the sorces.... This is long but welp...

    The state of California may be on the verge of getting into the slave reparations business. Thank Sacramento legislators who in 2000, with little fanfare or media coverage, passed two bills, signed by Gov. Gray Davis. These bills could lead to requirements that companies doing business in California pay reparations for slavery, if they or parent companies ever benefited from slavery.

    At a Chronicle editorial board meeting on Tuesday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said that the bills also could lead to reparations for Chinese Americans, because their "coolie" ancestors helped build America's railroads, as well as for Mexican Americans. Indeed, one of the bills required the state Department of Insurance to collect data on insurers' past slave policies; and one insurer responded by submitting data on "coolie" policies.

    On May 1, Insurance Commissioner Harry Low is set to release his findings. Next, as mandated in the companion bill, a University of California panel is expected to put a dollar figure on various parties' "economic benefits" from the slave trade.

    Last month, New Jersey attorney Edward Fagan filed a lawsuit for a handful of African Americans against three corporations -- including Aetna, because it admitted to issuing a small number of slave policies. Hence it is now clear that the two bills essentially would force insurers to release information that invites people -- people whom they have never affected -- to sue them.

    Which no doubt is part of the reason so few insurers -- eight out of some 1, 300 according to Insurance Commissioner Harry Low -- have submitted data. Successful court challenges to a similar law requiring disclosure of Holocaust- related profits have emboldened them.

    The second bill mandates a UC panel to put a figure on "the economic benefits of slavery" -- an endeavor in which advocates have been creative. Fagan's brief argued that "many American industries" profited from the cheap price of cotton, sugar, rice, tobacco and other slave-produced products -- to the tune of $1.4 trillion in today's dollars. Get it: Every major industry could be liable.

    "Clearly, we want to right any wrongs and do justice to people who were taken advantage of," Davis said last week. (Just one problem, guv, the very wronged people are dead -- and most have been dead for more than a century.)

    This could be a thorny issue for Davis in his re-election. A 2001 Fox News poll found that 81 percent of registered voters oppose the U.S. government paying African Americans reparations. (Lucky for Davis, GOP challenger Bill Simon doesn't see this as a campaign issue. Simon spokesman James Fisfis told me, "That's something we probably would not comment on.")

    It's not clear that Davis will retain African American votes with his position. Both Fagan and Jackson support reparations not for known slave ancestors, but for nonprofit groups that promote the victim group's interests. As Jackson told The Chronicle, "It will not be, 'Rowena, pick up your check at the register'." A 1999 Harvard poll found that 53 percent of African Americans supported government reparations. Will that number hold when individuals find out that groups such as the Rainbow Coalition get the money -- and they don't?

    Ward Connerly, who sponsored Proposition 209, which ended racial and gender preferences in state hiring and university admissions, noted that once the courts accept the idea that parties can receive compensation for injuries that happened to dead people, every victim group will have a claim. "If that reasoning is accepted, there is no end to the damage that it could do to our economy."

    Worse would be the damage to the American psyche. It would pay for every American to be a victim.

    ©2002 San Francisco Chronicle Page D - 4
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    if this sham falls thru, then i'm gonna sue whats left of the british empire for the treatment of my ancestors, the Irish, if they hadn't beaten and starved my people and forced them to immigrate to america. who knows, i have been robbed of my heritage!!!! gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!!:fuss: :rolleyes: :assult:

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    You got that right Papa G. How about the English pay the Scottish as well??? This is ridiculous. What heck is wrong with these Kalifornians?

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    Hey, the Romans victimized my Celtic ancestors! Where's my check? That's what's wrong with this whole thing. Modern America praises the victim, so it pays to be considered a victim. This can be carried back into pre-history. We need to end this farce for once and all. To all the descendants of victims everywhere, it happened, let's learn from it, and let's get on with life. Get over it.
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    You know, it really irks me to no end. This is WAY out of control. What about the American Indians who were here before ANYBODY else? What kind of restitution are they gonna get? Or, does this have to do with color OTHER than red?
    These people who are doing this should be exiled somewhere for eternity, and never allowed back. I guess life here in the States is just too hard compared to China and Africa, where they are more humane in the way their people are treated. I mean, where else can a kid look forward to an education in making shoes or clothes for the rest of their natural life, under compassionate employers, no doubt?
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    This is why we should find a way to induce the big quake in PRK which would seperate the state from this continent and then we should make them suceed from the nation that recognizes common sense. And thinks that Reperations is the biggest gimmick in the country.
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    Benny my Scottish brother, I'm in line with you. Sue the British for all the sorrow my great-great-great-great-great grand something endured!

    What a farse, what's next?
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    Well the next step is simple... They'll start making us pay reparations to the Klingon Empire. What? How dare you say they don't exist. How insensitive of you. What if someone shrugged off your needs claiming YOU didn't exist? What? I show compassion for those poor Klingons and you accuse me of making them up just to fill my own pockets? Why I never! (pout)

    Hmm, I'm part Scot and part English. Does that mean I should pay reparations to myself? Oh, I see, good idea, buy myself another rifle...
  9. First of how, how in h e l l can a state rectify the wrong of a nation? and second, if they want to correct any wrong about my wife's people...the Navajo (and every other Indian nation)?

    Come on Davis...pull your head outta your butt.....the past is the past......let's build a better tomorrow.
  10. Big Dog

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    This is obviously another attempt to influence a certain segment of the population to vote for the left-wing Democrat agenda. It'll work, to an extent. A lot of those voters don't study the real issues, and will vote for whoever promises them the most. Hey, it got Slick elected twice! Go with what works. :mad:

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    Last I checked, the nation did right the wrong. I could have sworn there was an ammendment specifically outlawing slavery. I also seem to recall that it was adopted less than 50 years after the constitution was ratified. The people demanding reparations for the possibility that some of their ancesters might have been slaves in that 50 year period really need to pull their heads out of their large intestines and any government official that goes along with this should be impeached and severely beaten. The only groups that have any legitimate grievences are some American Indian tribes and Hawaians.
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    I had the impression that there never was bonified slavery in Kalifornia. Weren't they with the Union?

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast


    It has nothing to do with wrongs to right. It revolves around MONEY.

    The democrat party is the new MASTER today. I can't understand why the black population in this country runs around listening to a bunch of rich white guys promising them a little pie. Slavery is slavery. You don't have to be whipped on a plantation to be a slave.
  14. BattleRifleG3

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    Absolutely right. Alan Keyes gave a splendid speech about modern slavery in America.
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    Of course, if those ID10Ts in PRK do decide to pay "reparations", they will demand that the US taxpayers reimburse the state. Anyone want to bet against me?
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    My friends are we not missing the entire point of or most knowladgeable libral brothers and sisters. You see we have sined...well actualy our ancestors have sinned...and as such we must pay for that sin. Just as if say your mom got a speeding ticket...certinly you would insist on paying the fine and haveing the points added to your lic as well as hers because you and your mom are one and the same.
    I often reflect on how my ancestors have sinned aginst humanity...but to keep to this topic aginst thouse taken from their homeland and forced to work for the white devil slave masters in the south (Gee Calf is in the south isent it?) no matter. MY ansestors on my mom and dad's side came to this country during the hight of slavery..1940's and of course being white (polish on dad's side jewish on mom's) were given severl lage plantatons...hummm thats not right..Oh yes..on my mom's side they were given homes in a fine southern town called Ascwich in Germany...My Dad's family got the plantation...hummm well Im sure they did according to the way anyone who is not black is accused of owneing we got our plantation..lost it somewere..during the civli war of that was WWII..
    Oh well Im all screwed up..Im sure that well in europe prior to comeing to the US and after my family did something to someone and there for it is only fitting that I give my entire paycheck to someone whos ancestors my ansestors messed over..

    Ok lonk way to a point. We all can from somewere..some on the mayflower some a litle later. Some people came as slaves..others came later. Georgia was a debtors prison...well now its...a state..I find it intresting that we are held responsable for the sins of our ancestors...or just because we are plae of skin or aledged ancestors..
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    With all respect to our members from the south, my ancestors fought in the Union Army. Actually, Mclellan is a distant relative, not that it means much. So anyone who thinks I owe them reparations for jack diddley squat can go learn to march, learn to reload and fire rapidly, and get a triangular bayonet plunged into them. The 54th Massachussets didn't demand reparations... They refused pay until they got what they'd earned.
    Anyone remember Frederick Douglass?
    (speaking of "The Negro") "Leave him alone. And if he should fall, let him fall."
  18. BattleRifleG3

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    Oh yeah, what about the Arabs? They were involved in the slave trade. Highly involved. How about all those African tribes that captured people up to sell them to European traders?
    Maybe Bum Laden should pay reparations. Yeah, make him pay.
  19. Shaun

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    Klaus it was the 14th Ammendment I believe

    I think PRK wants to control the rest of the nation thats why they are doing this stuff. We really need to get someone to office in PRK which can reverse all this liberal BS.

    and as a piece of info did you know Slavery is still alive and well in africa.
  20. Klaus

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    Yes, it is the 13 and 14th ammendments ( I was being a bit sarcastic), and yes, there are many countries in Africa that still practice slavery, including Libya, which is run by Jesse Jackson's good buddy, Khadaffi.
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