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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by stik, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. stik

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    i have a Armalite m15a4 carbine and the majority of the time the bolt does not stay open on the last shot.Is this an ammo problem?
    i mostly shoot umc (remmington) shells but it also has happened with pmc ammo also!
  2. MessedUpMike

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    UMC ammo seems to be pretty good. I know a handful of people who shoot it ,and the only one having a problem is me, and that appears to be mag related. When is the last time you claened your gun? Did you add a drop of oil to the gas tube after claening it?

  3. stik

    stik Guest

    im new to ar shooting,but anyway i was told as long as you shoot decent ammo should should rarely if ever have to clean your gas tube???not sure
    im using master molder (wilson) 20 round mags
  4. Rocklobster

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    Try using a USGI mag- they usually work best...
  5. Eric

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    Sounds like your bolt release spring/detent. When you put an empty mag in and pull/release the charging handle, does it lock open. If it does, check to see how securely it locks. If it tends to be on the 'edge' it's either the magazine or the release spring/detent. if it locks securely, it's probably your gas system. For that, take out your bolt/carrier and make sure the two screws on the bolt carrier key are tight, then make sure the roller pin in the front sight base is still in place. After all that, I agree with rocklobster...USGI mags usually work the best, especially with the green follower, which you can buy separate. Good Shooting!
  6. WyrTwister

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    Stick with USGI mags .

    God Bless