Bomb-Making 101

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    I got this from ABC news ( Ill post the link) just food for thought....they world is not safe and the others aint plaing nice.

    Bomb-Making 101
    Hamas Militant Group Provides ‘How-to’ Video for Constructing Explosives

    By Dan Harris

    J E R U S A L E M, June 17 — A chilling 3 ½-hour videotape obtained by ABCNEWS features what the Israeli military calls "Bomb-making 101" for Palestinian militants.

    The tape starts with a masked man — who says he's a member of the military wing of the Islamic militant group Hamas — giving a brief lecture on the importance of waging holy war against the Israelis, and the heavenly rewards awaiting those who make and explode bombs.
    And then the lesson begins.

    Standing at a white board, the bomb-making expert uses diagrams and high school-level math to explain how a bomb works.

    Speaking slowly and simply in Arabic, he then shows how to cut the wood that will serve as the shell of the bomb, and the copper foil that will cradle the explosives. He repeats himself often, so as to better drive home his points.

    Almost all the necessary material, he says, is easily acquired at local stores, including test tubes from a pharmacy, ball bearings from a mechanic and wiring from an electrical store.

    "It's really 101 — how to make an explosive bomb by the Hamas," said Col. Miri Eisin, a senior Israeli military intelligence analyst.

    She says the Israeli army confiscated the tape during an invasion of the West Bank city of Nablus last April. Nablus, she says, is known as one of the major centers for bomb-making.

    ‘My Brother Fighters …’

    Eisin says Hamas has the most sophisticated bomb-makers. Hamas claimed responsibility for a March suicide bombing that killed 29 people and wounded nearly 100 as they celebrated Passover in the Israeli coastal resort town of Netanya.

    As the tape continues, the bomb-maker says: "Now my brother fighters, we put the shrapnel in the case … It's better to use ball bearings than nuts." They're more deadly and destructive, he explains.

    Then come the explosives: specifically, nitroglycerin. This is one ingredient that is hard come by — it's usually smuggled in from Egypt or stolen in Israel.

    "We can only fit 7 kilos," the bomb-maker says as he loads the explosives into the bomb casing. "We were hoping to include more." There wasn't enough room.

    Finally, the bomb-maker explains the electrical wiring, which includes the detonator made out of a small household drill.

    "Now the bomb is ready," he says.

    He even provides a list of preferred targets: cars, bus stations, markets and military bases.

    He also uses a diagram to show where to place a roadside bomb in order to kill the most Israeli soldiers or settlers on a bus.

    Eisin says the tape appears to be meant only for Hamas militants. It comes at a time when the Israeli army is successfully arresting and assassinating top Hamas bomb-makers.

    "There are more potential suicide bombers today than there are people who know how to make explosives," said Eisin. "And that's probably why they made the tapes."

    They want to make sure that their deadly expertise survives, even if they don't.
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    Sounds like a desperate last ditch act of defiance..They must be losing

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    logansdad you call that defiance? The murder of civilians is defiance? I am under no spell that attrocities have not been committed by BOTH sides, but referring to terrorism as defiance is a terrible euphamism. I am sure you would not call it defiance if a member of your family was blown up on a bus on the way to school/work/shopping/etc.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    You need to read your "out of context"signature, because you took logansdad way out of context. It IS a last act of defiance because they have lost all their teeth but are still trying to bite the hand that slapped all those teeth out of them!
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    I really want to say something here but I won't. But you've got to give it to their leadership. I can't imagine me giving a motivational speech that would end with the guy I'm giving it to saying, "where's the keys?"

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    Kind of a waste of time huh?
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    Read the bible

    NRAJOE, you seem to be into the bible according to some of your posts. Read the old testament. It talks about the area generally known as Israel as belonging to the Jews (gods words, not mine). The palestinians are trying to kill them and make them move out of their homeland that was decried theirs by god (again, gods words not mine). If you believed that a parcel of land was yours because god sais it was yours, what would you do? Sit back and let your people get slaughtered by the muslims who want nothing more than your death and destruction as a people?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yes we all know that and 99% of us side with the Israeli's, what does this have to do with the posts in this column?we are just making general comments about what is going on,why are you getting your nose out of joint about. No one is on the Muslims side here.
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    Maybe you are right

    I think I went off the deep end this time. My apologies and please disregard most of what I posted in this thread.
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    Not a problem...we all have our days...:insane:
  11. Lenny I am just curios, on another thread you were asking for proof of GOD-- and on this thread you are telling NRAJOE to read the old testament. What gives
    Attrocities -- both sides-- you got to be kidding.
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    weird huh?:spaceship