border agents have been responsible for protecting Guard troops

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    Ok so we depoly the National guard to guard our boarders...good move...but we dont arm you have UNARMED milatary people guarding our boarders....My God Barrney Fife got a gun and 1 bullett....I give up. I love the headline to arm "SOME" not ALL...SOME.....rember that movie Enemy at the Gate...1 man gets a rifle the other the bulletts.....

    POSTED AT 4:39 PM EDT Friday, June 07

    U.S. arms some National Guard border patrols

    Associated Press

    Montpelier, Vt. — About 200 National Guard soldiers helping protect the U.S.-Canada border in five northern states should be carrying weapons for self-defence before the end of the month.

    The Defence Department and the U.S. Customs Service reached an agreement on Thursday that will allow the soldiers at certain small border crossings to carry 9-mm pistols after they have received five days of specialized training.

    The Defence Department is negotiating a similar agreement with the Immigration and Naturalization Service so that additional Guard soldiers can be armed, said Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat.

    "National Guard troops are needed right now on the borders and they need and deserve the right to defend themselves," Mr. Leahy said. "I am pleased that some of the troops now will be armed."

    Vermont has 75 soldiers working at the state's 15 border crossings with Quebec. About 40 will be armed under the new agreement, said Maj.-Gen. Martha Rainville, head of the Vermont National Guard.

    The Guard troops on the border are part of a broad effort to increase border security after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. Since March about 1,200 Guard troops have been assisting customs and INS agents on both the Canadian and Mexican borders.

    The heightened border security has not intercepted any terrorists that any officials will acknowledge, but the number of seizures of illegal drugs and other contraband is way up.

    On the border the soldiers have been helping regular customs and INS agents search trucks and cars and offering any other assistance that may be required.

    Under the original rules for the deployment developed by the Department of Defence and other agencies, regular border agents have been responsible for protecting Guard troops.

    The decision not to arm the troops upset National Guard leaders and 58 U.S. senators sent a letter to U.S. President George W. Bush asking that the soldiers be armed. They said the troops needed to be able to defend themselves and others if needed.

    In Vermont and Washington state, the legislatures passed resolutions calling for the troops to be armed.

    The agreement reached between the Defence Department and customs calls for arming some of the troops in Vermont, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, New York and Maine.

  2. Well with that said--they are going to have to get really close to use their weapons.--as a CLUB!

  3. it's almost like they're trying to provok the public, i mean think about it, "ok ok we'll send the guard to the border, Oh what, you want them to have weapons to??, what on earth for?"
    i swear it gets worse everyday!!!, who ever thinks this **** up is on my list when the SHTF :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod:
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    Okay lets see we have BPO's that are only equiped with shotguns and sidearms getting shot at by mexican military, and now or National guard. What are they trying to do give the mexican army target practice. Maybe we should start a border guard support group that sends each of these guys a surplus Mauser or Nagant at least they will have something better than a 9mm
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    Could see that headline...US TROOPS armd with hi power USSSR Sniper rifles...but Ilike the idea.