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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by wcassidy, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. wcassidy

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    I may have posted this in the past, if redundant I apologize. Anyhow, I have a lead bore lap stuck in a Krag Barrel and yeah the jag is in there too. I'd absolutely love to get this thing out (it's been sitting quite literally in the corner for a year) and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dutch

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    WCassidy, lets be clear that your jag fits through the barrel, and that is not the cause. Also, were you pulling the lapping through from the muzzle? Given that both the above are true, I would try heat combined with gravity and force. This will be messy, and I am sure is not the optimal solution, but it is only a first thought. What would happen if you were to secure the barrel, muzzle down, and heat the rod with a blowtorch? Lead melts pretty early, will it melt enough to start running and allow you to push the rod back out the muzzle? (tap the rod out the muzzle since it will be hot actually...)

  3. wcassidy

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    OK, it was a .22 jag so that shouldn't be the problem and yeah it's maybe 2 inches down from the muzzle. My reluctance to heating it is I have no idea what the temper should be but given that lead melts at what 720F? and the properties of steel can change when heated in an oven...I don't know if that's a real safe idea. If I could find someone that had done it I'd be much more open to the solution.
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    The amount of heat needed to get the lead to release or melt will have no effect on the metalurgy of the barrel and if it is only 2 inches down from the muzzle I would probably use a little benzine hand torch and carefully heat the area where the lap is while someone put pressure on the rod holding the lap it should come right out very quickly.
  5. wcassidy

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    Victory, Thanks.