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  1. Gentlemen--

    I am very maticulous about cleaning my rifles after I go shooting. They are cleaned every time out. I am planning to go Saturday and last night when I inspected my Garand, I noticed on the op-rod, and in the bore some minute surface rust. I dont want you tothink that the rifle is solid rust, but I cannot understand how and why this is happening. I use Sweets to clean the bore, I then use Hoppes #9, and then after a day I will use Breakfree CLP to lubricate the bore. Am I doing something wrong? This really irked the hell out of me when I discovered this. My rifles are stored in my basement, which is air-conditioned. I dont think that there is a lot of humidity. A guy I know says that he will take a patch, soak it in clean motor oil and run it down the bore. When he go shooting naturally he will clean the bore out. Has this happend to anybody else??

    Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
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    Well here is my two cents, Sweets is a great solvent but on the bottle it says not to mix with other chemicals that might be the problem...Also in a air conditioned basement or anyother room it may not feel like it has a lot of humidity but it does...And is there any way you may have fired some corrosive ammo? I dont know about motor oil but a good gun oil will do the job just as well, I like to put a fine coat of Super Lube on all out side serfices and if the gun will sit for a wile I will Put some in the bore...

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    i second what Rock says, and a basement is one of the dampest places in the house. used to keep mine in the basement, no rust problem as i used a regular treatment of WD-40 but stocks mildewed like crazy.
  4. ITC , Use Corrosion X in the bore. I found Hoppe 9 didn't get out corrisive ammo fouling. Try RP17, its an ammonia based product and it great for cleaning other parts too. You can heat up an area ie barrel to about 180 degrees and apply RB17 , rub it in and be amazed at the gunk that was in the pores of the metal. When You get a clean patch, its clean. Rub in Corrosion X on the metal and put it in storage. Likewise with the bore too. couple of passes with rb17 on brush and watch the gunk come out. Both products cost a bit, But "the sweet taste of a good price is long forgotten after the bitter taste of poor quality is long remembered". something like that. RB17 $20 /16 oz. and $15 for Corrosion X/ 16oz. Not to step on anybodys toes but NEVER use WD40 except for cleaning some gunked-up milsurp gun. You can find Cor ...X at most sporting goods stores and RB 17 check out on the web good luck
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    This is what we did in the old days. Of course at that time I had an O3A3 which makes it easier to clean after using corrosive ammo.
    We would run a couple of patches through soaked with GI Bore cleaner, then scrub it with a bronze brush. Runs some more GI Bore cleaner , let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Then take the barreled action, less the stock, over to the laundry tub, hook up a hose without the attachment on the end, it was cut off. Run hot water into the tub, add some Tide and scrub with bore brush for 10 to 15 minutes, let the water out of the tub, turn the hot water on and insert the hose into the chamber. Let the water run to the point that the barrel was heated so hot you could not hold it with your bare hand. Remove from tub, run some cleaning patches through barrel with oil, wipe the rest of it down with the patch, reassemble and put away. No rust in bore, have done it that way for the 15 years I shot corrosive. Gun Still clean, bore good, no rust, shoots great, Idea was to disolve the salts. Nothing does it better than Hot water. Of course the water and Tide are different than they were 20-30 years ago.

    As for the humidity, get yourself a dehumidifier and you would be surpised at the water that is taken out in a 24 hour period. Especially in the summer. You probably have to empty the resivour a couple of times a day the first week or so. I don't keep any fireare down there for more than 48 hours. Just get in there clean them up and back upstairs where they belong.

    Hope this helps a few of you out there. Take care, God Bless.
    John M/Ohio
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    The ammonia in the Sweets should kill the salts . Anything that smells of ammonia will . I use Shooters choice copper remover .

    Then I switch to Hoppies # 9 ( cheaper ) & clean till no bree / blue stains appear on the patches . Then gun oil .

    Never any problem & I shoot corrosive ammo in all kinds of rifles . But I live in a low humidity climate .

    Oh , clean before sundown & if in doubt , clean once a day for 3 days . Think that was the old Army method .

    Also , grease for the high speed friction parts , gun oil on the rst of the metal & BLO on the wood . Gas system should be left dry , it is SS .

    God Bless