Bosnian M48's at Century Arms

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by bowser, Aug 15, 2002.

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    Now that Century has their site updated, has anyone had a chance to check out the two different Mausers they have listed? There are separate listings for the M48 and the M48A. Can some one explain the difference to me? There is a picture with the descriptions, but the description leaves a lot to be desired, and the pic that is there is the same for both rifles. They look nice in the picture, comes with a turned-down bolt handle, that's about all I can pick out that makes them unique, I guess. TIA.
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    Both rifles are based on the Kar98K design, but with longer upper handguard similar to the Vz 24. The M48 has the better forged stock fittings and magazine floorplate, while the M48A has the stamped parts similar to the late-WWII Kar98K. Both are excellent rifles. These rifles are generally unissued, and most were built of stored parts so they have no intrensic war history.
    You can't go wrong with either model. Also, the so-called "Bosnian" model with the "BO" markings were actually built for an Egyptian contract. They have no connection to Bosnia, other than that being a part of the old Jugoslavian nation.

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    AAAHAAAAAAAAA Now I understand......Thanks for the reply. I'm still waiting on a reply from Century as to how much the two are.
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    Most were made by the SERBS. The stamped parts on the 48a are the trigger guard, magazine floorplate and magazine follower.
    I have one of each. Both are great rifles.
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    The 48 is an intermediate length action also, about 1/4" shorter than the GEW98, K98k and Vz-24 so a lot of parts do not interchange (firing pins, bolt bodies, magazine box, followers, etc.). These are the post war version of the Model 24 made in Yugoslavia. All are heat treated well but the pre war models have better machining and polishing but usually suffer from WWII use and neglect vs. the model 48 is usually in very good to new condition.