Boston Boy Scouts Now Have Gay Merit Badge

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    Homosexual Leads Fundraiser for Boston Boy Scouts
    Matt Pyeatt,
    Thursday, June 13, 2002
    The largest Boy Scout chapter in Massachusetts this week took more steps to distance itself from the national scouting policy that prohibits homosexuals from serving in leadership positions.
    Boston Minuteman Council introduced a new merit badge for "diversity" and asked an openly homosexual Boston radio personality to be master of ceremonies of its annual fundraiser. Last year, the same chapter adopted a "nondiscrimination" policy, a slap at the long-held practice by the national organization, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), to ban homosexual scout leaders.

    The U.S. Supreme Court two years ago declared the BSA ban on homosexuals to be legal. However, the scouts have been under constant attack for their policy ever since.

    'Diversity' Again

    During Monday's fundraiser, Boston Minuteman Council announced the creation of a "diversity awareness award badge," and invited openly homosexual WBZ radio personality David Brudnoy to serve as master of ceremonies.

    Brudnoy said there were many heterosexuals who could have performed the ceremony, but this was a way for the Boy Scouts to strengthen their nondiscrimination policy.

    "There are a lot of straight guys out there who could do this," Brudnoy said, according to the Associated Press. "[The council] said, 'We want to signal, through you, our nondiscrimination policy.'"

    In developing its "nondiscrimination" policy, Boston Minuteman Council stated its pride over the "diversity of our members."

    "Through the Scout Oath and Law, we pledge to respect all people and to defend the rights of others. Bias, intolerance and unlawful [sic] discrimination are unacceptable within the ranks of the Boston Minuteman Council," the policy states.

    It also declares that the council will serve its members "without regard to color, race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or economic status."

    Gregg Shields, spokesman for BSA, told the Boston Boy Scouts have not violated any national policies. However, he said the chapter's recent actions "are confusing to the public."

    Shields said the national policy prohibiting homosexuals "remains the same, that an avowed homosexual, atheist or agnostic is not an appropriate role model for the Scout Oath and Law," Shields said.

    "We expect the Minuteman Council to reaffirm their commitment to these policies," Shields said, adding that national scout leaders were planning to speak with members of the Boston chapter about their recent actions.

    'We Need to Talk to These People'

    "We need to have a discussion with them," Shields said. "We're not going to react to media reports; we need to talk to these people about what happened."

    Brock Bigsby, an executive with Boston Minuteman Council, did not return phone calls seeking comment for this story.

    Bigsby did, however, tell the Associated Press that the national organization was powerless in stopping the new diversity badge from being awarded.

    "Local councils do have the flexibility to establish awards like this to meet the needs of our kids. That's where our focus is," Bigsby told the AP. "Scouting traditionally has been a very diverse activity."

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    I hope the BSA sends them a letter saying they are out of the organization -- This is the worst thing that can happen I wonder if the BSA hall across from my house has seen this foolish and tragic screw up of an organization that taught the kids proper morals and not depraved one's -- So what are the bets about abused and molested kids showing up I say 3 years - of course with the cath. church its usually 20 years later and that is what we have been trying to avoid.

  3. PAPA G

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    massachusits home of Teddy the K. sceming pols, and probably more perverts per sq.mile than any other state, and these people have the gall to call them selfs minutemen??? is all hope lost for this country???
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    I would like to recomended that since this chapter in massachusits is of course the home of the most honarable Teddy Kennady that they should get a Alcohol abuse badge.....Must be able to drink like a Kennady and of course drive accross the Chapaquita bridge.
  5. Hmmm

    Big Gay Al's, Big Gay Merit badge? What would Eric Cartman say????
  6. Calvin

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    Sniper, as Cartman said in the episode about Big Gay Al, "He's doing something to his a**. He's not pounding it, but he's definitely doing SOMETHING to his a**!!".
  7. Let me guess the merit badge has all the colors of the rainbow on it.
  8. Shaun

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    my guess is they are pink
  9. Eric

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    That Chapter is making a Travesty of a time-honored tradition. I just hope they are removed from the rolls. Oh by the way, The NTSB conducted an investigation of the Chappaquidick accident and concluded that Ted was doing 90 mph. They concluded it would take that speed for the impact to blow her panties off and put them in the glove box. Good Shooting!~
  10. Stopper

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    I have to ask, but don't want to know.

    What do they have to do to get that badge?
  11. NRAJOE

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    Whats on the badge, a big pink pansie?
  12. colt45

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    It must be a nickelondion symble with rosies face on it.
    And I don't want to know what they have to do to get it.
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    speaking of the Boy Scouts, Levi Strous(Dockers) used to support and help fund the Boy Scouts, but stopped after BSA's anti gay stand. This just reminds me why i quit buying Levi's a couple of years ago...they're pro gay & anti gun.
  14. Eric

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    Thanks Guffster...didn't know that about Levi Straus. I sure do wish someone or some organization would publish a list with all the anti-gun companies. That list gets out, they might just change their tune. Good Shooting!
  15. NRAJOE

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    Oh yeah, i wear Wranglers and the wife wears Levi's. I've told her but you can't get in the way of a womans fashion...she seems to think her butt doesn't look as big in Levi'
  16. Hank Springer

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    Over Censored

    Now that's going a bit far. I guess if this was one of the dog trainer forums, I would have to refer to my *****es as lady dogs.
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    I hear you hank but this is after all suposed to be a family show. ha ha ha ha .