BOT(Bug Out Trailers) Interesting Option/concept.

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    I was talking to Milproakron about my pending purchase of a Military Surplus CUCV(Shelter Carrier variant) to replace my 1989 Doge Power Ram which to my dismay has reached the end of it service life(it is no longer cost effective to try and bring it up tothe level of my current needs; it has given me outstanding service but it is time to retire it) and the discussion diverted to my future acquisition of a military surplus cargo trailer(appropiate to my new tow vehicle) for utility/general purpose duties. I was touting that the use of a cargo trailer would allow me to retain the versatility and utility of the truck bed for everday use and the trailer(given it's small overall dimensions would allow me to store the trailer in a secure location(my workshop) without giving up much of the valuable floorspace. It is here the "BOT" or Bug Out trailer could be stowed until SHTF need. It will also serve double duty as an Off Road Camping Service & Support Platform for non SHTF excursions.
    I forsee the need for a cargo trailer that would allow the least restrictive movement possibilities possible; hence my favorable stance toward military style trailers(also because I am a veteran and like to stick to what I know. LOL).

    Imagine if you will a dedicated Bug Out Vehicle(BOV) or Every Day Use(EDU) vehicle with a BOT to supplement or expand already established capabilities. During a SHTF event you just "Hook n Go" this would allow minimum downtime for loading your tow vehicle. An added bonus to a BOT is it could act as a Supply Cache or hide once sepreated from tow vehicle(should need arise).

    Does anyone believe that the idea or concept has merit? Please feel free to add all suggestions, reccomendations, insights, etc...

    I apologize to all if this has already been discussed prior to this post. I did undertake a unproductive search of the forums for a similiar posting. Please feel free to move this post just let me know where it is being relocated as I am curious of the information contained in any replys that may be enlisted by this post.
    Thankyou all for your time and participation.
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    sounds like a good idea to me. it will be a good place to store your equiptment and easy to take it all at once. no last minet hunting around for some essential piece of gear.

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    We were under the same impression. You just "Hook N Go" and this would allow you to utilize the extra space in the BOV for other items/personnel Or God Forbid you have to switch out BOVs because of a non recoverable/repairable issue(not all hope would be lost, just find an alternative tow vehicle). This could also allow your partner to bug out & rendevous with you should you be away from your homebase at time of SHTF.

    What are your takes on that aspect? We(milproakron & I) are thinking about using this thread as our brainstorming vehicle for selecting the criteria for our planning stage. So all are welcome to post your ideas, all views will be considered for the final creation. This is good stuff, please keep it comming.
  4. Actually you may be able to find a reasonably priced military grade trailer at your local DRMO (Defense Reutilization Materials Office) DOD operated many items are available and I believe they still have an automated email update program you can sign up for. Word of caution though all materials and equipment is offered first to government (federal, state and local as well as sanctioned volunteer organizations such as VFD's first) but there are still alot of goodies to be had check it out.
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    Thankyou for the infromation. I may have a leg up there as I am a Local Law Enforcemnt Officer that also volunteers as a Storm Chaser and CERT(Civilian Emergency Response Team) or EMA member for the community. I am currently working on getting my EMT-B quals/certs. I also have an associate that has an acquisition pipeline for military vehicles and equipment. He is the seller of my CUCV truck so I may be able to get an advantage there as well. I will take any advantage I can get to obtain the overall required items and equipment; afterall this is my family's survival we are talking about.
  6. Oddly Bloodcarver here in Texas we surely seem to get alot of oddities in Milspec equipment both our own and other nations but it takes a little hunting there was a german built mule type 8 wheeler I was lusting for but the Missus said too much rolling stock already! LOL But if you look and do a few searches you'd be surprised what you can find!
  7. A BOT ain't a bad idea. I bought a pop up camp trailer last may that is one of those jacked up off road models with the front deck that hauls my quad and a mess of gear. Just got back from a camping trip in the AZ mountains and it is a self contained unit that works well camping off the grid.
    A few more mods to carry a little more SHTF gear and I am good to go.
    1: More and better first aid stuff
    2: More water (Current 20 gal.)
    3:Commo gear - short wave radio -
    4:Long term rations locker
  8. Good idea. Why not just jump in and go. Bring plenty of fuel. Air filtration key addition. Thanks for being a good man.
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    I own numerous personal military trailers. 3/4, 1 1/4, 2 3/4, 5 ton trailers
    And I buy & sell, military equipment.
    In fact, I will be bidding on some more this week.

    Note: All DRMO military equipment.
    Is now sold only by Gov Liquidation sales now.

    Military trailers are well built, and make nice sturdy campers/shelters.
    But NSN wheels, bearings/cups, are getting harder to find.
    So if you purchase one, start hunting for spares.
    Also the height of the trailers need to be noted.
    As you will need a 3/4 or 1 ton truck to properly tow it.
    As a HD pintle hitch receiver, will be required.

    Remember, the wiring will have to be rewired for civilian use.
    Good luck, and enjoy your new trailer.
  10. Thinking this through has given me other ideas that just aren't possible under other circumstances. Such as, you can mount a generator directly to the trailer, carry extra fuel, build in a water purification system with a pump so you can draw water, lots of storage, hell the possibilities are endless.

    Imagine a trailer that is fully self contained that could provide power, water, shelter, storage, food supplies. This could get interesting, especially for a do it yourself'er, welder, electrically minded person.
  11. One option in trailers (if you don't get mil-surp) is a homemade trailer. A pick-up bed trailer is awesome for off road can be lifted to match your trucks height and where your truck can go your trailer can can make a ''bed'' trailer in a day if you have the equipment and materials.

    My Dad had a cab-over camper mounted on a ''bed'' trailer for years...we used it for hunting and off-road camping, that camper trailer combo could go places NO other camper could.....the only thing stopping you would be the height of the rig....LOL had to watch low-hanging trees.

    A good 3/4 or 1 ton 8' ''bed'' trailer with a aluminium topper on it (or a homemade cover) would be a awesome BOT setup IMO.
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    You stole my thunder Thrill,was thinking the same the same thing.The junk yards are loaded with old trucks.Plus the rear suspention would allow you to carry alot more wieght than a conventional trailer.
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    I think a bug out trailer is a great idea.
    The only downside with those military trailers, is that they are HEAVY compared to similar size civilian trailer. They are designed to carry a lot more weight than the average person probably needs. I think you could start with a commercial utility trailer, customize it, and have a great one.

    If you are looking for mil. surplus stuff be sure to check out this place:
    100Dollarman - Military Surplus Home!
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    Yea I immediately thought of putting 2 out on my family farm, figured they would be great for hunting too, but getting them shipped would be such a hassle.
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    Why not just have a regular 18ft camper that has a crapper and shower in it? It will have what you need to survive for a while. Plus when its not being used as a bug out vehicle, you can use it on the weekends to ensure everything is working. In my opinion, not everything has to be military grade to survive, you can use civilian grade.
  18. I think if you have a place to bug out too, like private property or something a 18-22 foot camper would be great, but if you dont have a specific place to go and you just need to get out then I dont see the advantage, Also where are you going to get the water for your shower? Cant just fill it up with a hose. Chances are in a SHTF situation and all power is down you wuold have to use lake water or something in a container above and use gravity for your shower, which really wouldnt be that hard to do.

    The advantage to the mini truck during a SHTF situation is it can go alot of places a 4 wheeler can while still having a heated cab with the ability to be shelter if needed and I from what I have heard they are pretty good on gas.
  19. All you need is a matching trailer for this!