Boudreaux's lost hat

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    Boudreaux once spent days lookin for his new hat. Finally, he decide
    dat if he go to church on Sunday an sit at da back, durin da service he
    could sneak out an grab a hat frum da rack at da front door.

    So, on da followin Sunday, Boudreaux went to church an sat at da back.
    Da sermon was bout da Ten Commanments.
    He sat through da whole sermon an instead of sneaking out he wait til Da
    preachin was over an went to talk to da priest.

    "Fadar Pierre," Boudreaux say, "I came here today to steal a hat to
    replace da one I lost. But you sermon on da Ten Commanments make me
    change my mind, yea."

    Fadar Pierre say, "Bless you my son. Was it wen I start to preach dou
    shall not steal, dat changed you heart?"

    Boudreaux say, "Mais non, it was da one on adultry. Wen you start to
    preach on dat, I remember where I left dat hat."