Bought a new Hi Point C9 9mm!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jeffsenpai, May 5, 2008.

  1. Uncle Sam's stimulus check just bought me a new firearm, a Hi-Point C9 9mm pistol!


    Being here in CA, I won't actually have it for 10 days, and being a first time handgun buyer, I had to take a test and receive a HSC... and of course DROS and sales tax, adding to the cost of the gun.

    Gun was a bit high priced for a C9, about $220. So out the door after fees it was abotu $280ish. But since this is my first handgun, I look forward to firing it, as I hear good reviews from those who own it, and even the gun store worker did not really try to steer me away from it after I told him what I wanted in a pistol.

    Pics coming in 10 days! :cool2:
  2. I've shot several Hi Points in 45 caliber my neighbor buys to resell and everyone of them are acurate.
    And prolly the 9mm is to.
    Since this guy moved near by a few years ago, he's sold I think 36 pistol and not one has been returned.
    That ain't bad...A.H

  3. squirrelblaster

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    ewww gross!!! lol im just sure it will make a fine taget/plinking pistol. i just would not use a hi-point for defence/carry
  4. TXplt

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  5. wow, thats a steep price. I'm glad I don't live in Cali.
  6. TXplt

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    The 10 days and the fees are what would bother me :( .

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Wow! I paid $150 otd for mine!!!!
  8. yeah, I just got mine slightly used for $100
  9. Hotled

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    congratz but ya paid to much imho
  10. bdub5001

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    I have one and I took it apart and Im looking for a reassembly chart with pictures.
  11. bigV

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    just don't try to use Makarov ammo in those (it doesn't work)
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    Very steap price. New price out the door around here is about 150. I've had a couple of Hi-Points one 9mm and one in .380 was not at all impressed with them. Hope you have a better experience.
  13. Yes it's generally a good idea to buy ammo that's meant for the gun, or at least in the correct bullet diameter. ;)
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    Do you plan on using that gun as a carry gun Jeffsenpai?
  15. Nope, just a plinker with some more punch than a .22, sadly I wont be able to pick it up on day 10 due to my work schedule, perhaps the day after that, I hope :(
  16. Got it in!

    Got the gun, now for a few pics - Haven't gotten to shoot it quite yet!

    Hope the pics work...

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  17. nice

    i want it i want it i want it
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    I had the C-380 & everybody wanted to shoot it. They were all impressed, so much that the pop can we were shooting gave up.... CCW? Naw, just a plinker!
  19. dgray64

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    Enjoy it! One accessory that you will appreciate is a rubber grip cover. I put one on off of the Glock 22 that I sold. My accuracy rate more than doubled. You have that much more control, especially when it's cold or you are sweating. Mine was only $10 and it was worth lots more to me.


    One other thing. If you have trouble eventually with the mags dropping out too soon or the slide not locking back on an empty mag, you can remove the right grip cover and bend the little spring (#27 in your book) a little to put more pressure on the magazine release lever, and the gun will work like new again. These are great pistols. You will enjoy it!

    Dave :09: