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Bought a Rockola

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by bob white, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. Guys , I just bought a Rockola carbine, I have been looking for a really good one for some time. This will give me 5 GI carbines. A Winchester, Quality HMC, Inland w/ m-8 grenade launcher, another Inland, and now the Rockola. All are non- imports, all are excellent condition, all are correct. I am so fired up that I had to tell somebody who can appreciate how excited I am.
  2. DrCarbine

    DrCarbine G&G Newbie

    ....."got the bug huh!"........

    Bob, I see you have caught the elusive bug that we all get, its called "Carbineitus".......I too have one from every manufacturer inckuding an original mint unrestored/rebuilt M1A1...have a gorgeous Underwood early flip with sub coded receiver "W", an excellent early Saginaw SG with lower receiver beneath the woodline stamped SG, meant for Inland but assembled by SG, early Winchester with removable op rod spring housing, nice Saginaw S'G' early receiver with locater hole(import), late correct Rockola,early IBM,Quality hardware and NPM, Standard Products post war rebuild by Standard Products cartouched, Inland 6 digit, and my shooter built SA receiver on an Inland Parts kit.......I also have about 200 cosmoline paper wrapped 15 round mags, black rubber dust covers, bayonets, web gear, WW2 issue tools, dummy ammo, is an addiction!!!!!!...........I even picked up recently 2 boxes of unopened Western Cartridge lot 6402 .30 carbine!.......take care...........Tommy

  3. Tommy, I just got another one, this is a Saginaw SG ,not the grand rapids plant. I don't know how this happened. It just sort of mushroomed. I wanted a Winchester to match up with a Winchester Garand that I restored to all winnie, and it grew from there. I'm just enjoying it,not fighting it. bob