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Bought an old Remington .22 bolt action...

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Tube fed rifle. Had to take it back though. When I got home, noticed the safety was missing. Looked all through my truck and on the ground. Decided to call the gunshop and they said they found it on the floor. They had me bring it back and they will fix it free. They had to make a new pin for it. The bluing is about 70% and the stock could use a redo. But I bought it to throw under the back seat of the pick up. It will take .short..long...and long rifle. Want to load it with the quiet .22's for pests and the like. Never know when you need a .22 rifle in your hand. I forget the model number right now but they were only made from 1936-1940...shes an oldie! :eek: :cool: :D
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for super quiet .22's for pest, depending on size try the Colibri. Made by Agulia, a 20 grain bullet fired by the primer only.
thanks big dog, I'll use that info for my 514.
You had me laughing for sure big dog.
I once shot a rabbit 3 times with my .357 while javelina hunting. He was still trying to run when I walked up to snap his neck. I thought the noise alone would scare him to death.
Use the colibri on smaller pest.
They work great on cats right on top of the head.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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