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  1. tippmann7

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    why does fireing a bow with no arrow make a difference? iv never done it because i know its bad for the bow but i dont know why.
  2. jaeger

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    I has to do with the vibrations and shock the bow takes when there is no resistance. I had a PSE crack a limb when my cousin dry fired it.

  3. i wouldnt do it mate,little bit like how dry firing a firearm isnt good for it only a lot more violent to the bow.I had a string snap on my(well the cable) bow not long ago.It wasnt much fun.Nearly took my ear off.Dont do it.Wasnt from dry firing,the cable got worn out.Dont do it
  4. lefty o

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    all that stored energy has to go somewhere when the string is released. it either goes to the arrow, or goes back into the bow itself. many years ago i accidently dry fired my old compound, sounds like a gunshot.
  5. wily1

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    I've heard a few horror stories about people getting seriously injured, carbon shrapnel etc from the limbs exploding. Heard one story where a cam hit the floor so hard it cracked a tile. As everyone else says there is excessive vibration as there is no arrow to take up the energy. It isn't always going to happen but to me its like playing Russian Roulette.
  6. In scouts They told us never to dry fire a bow, oddy enough I took their advice.
    Don't dry fire one!
  7. Sooner Shooter

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    When I was 12 years old I had just bought a new recurve bow. Saved my money for months to buy that bow, quiver and arrows and was at a park when some other boys probably 16 years old wanted to see my bow. Being a little intimidated by them I let one of them handle it and of course he dry fired it. Ruined it! I wasn't a crier but I may have shed a few tears that day. Bows are designed to have something slow the string speed down and reduce the shock to the limbs. Dry fire and more than likely you'll do some damage!
  8. telkev

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    The amount of energy that is produced from the limbs and cams on bows must have somewhere to tranfer that energy. Most bow makers recommend at least 5 grains of arrow weight per pound of draw weight to be safe. You may notice that the heavier the arrow you use, the less noisy the bow, that is because the more resistance-the lower the harmonic vibrations produced by the bow. To dry-fire a bow, whether by accident or not, can destroy the string and limbs, and be very dangerous to the shooter.
  9. I just recntly accidently dry fired one of my compounds. I was target shooting and forgot to put an arrow in! Can you believe that? how the hell i did that and not notice i dont know. I was really nervous about pulling it back again. I looked it over, checked all cables limbs.... and nothing wrong so I kept shooting. I just really cannot believe i forgot to put an arrow in. so far so good tho.
    You think I should have the pro shop check it out? its been over 50 shots ago.
  10. pruneemac

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    dry fire

    I was at Bass Pro Shop a couple of months ago and a guy had one of those plastic knock holders installed on his string. he pulled it back and it broke, dry firing his bow. the cable snapped and slapped him across the face. It looked like he got whipped with the cable. it also broke one of his split limbs.

    cured me of ever thinking about doing that...
  11. Like every one here cautioned NEVER dry fire a bow of any kind!
  12. billy

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    tee hee!
  13. Sav .250

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    I never even thought about dry-firing my bow. Just never thought about it.
  14. big shrek

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    I accidently dry-fired an old Hoyt and the string attachment point broke off and bounced off the cieling then hit the tv...thank God it didn't break the TV. I got lucky that the string didn't whip me. Or if it did, it only hit clothing.

    Lotta catestrophic stuff can happen with a dry-fire...
  15. What about that new Matthews bow that they say dry firing wont effect, cant remember the name. How is that possible?
  16. telkev

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    I think you are referring to the matthews genesis bow. They are a very strong bow with a low draw weight. About 30lbs, I think. They are made to be a unversal draw length for everyone from kids to adults, as they do not have a valley in the cams. It may not hurt that bow, but I wouldn't do it repeatedly.
  17. Fraueny84

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    Couple years ago I had a golden eagle compound set at 70. I could play tic tac toe at 40 yards no problem, accidently dry fired it showing it to my friend last year. I could never get it to shoot consistent after that, missed a big buck(and I mean BIG) at 15 yards the morning before halloween and i havent shot it since, I actually just bought a brand new Fred Bear Lights out a couple of weeks ago because i got tired of getting my eagle sighted in only to have my arrows dive into the ground at 15 a day later, Even if that matthews says it wont hurt by dry firing i still would not try to test it.
  18. no. Its brand new. starts with a K. Commercial says they dry fire it over and over and nothing happens. Katera i think. Just looked it up, its a Hoyt katera, not matthews. Still wouldn't do it on purpose tho!
  19. big shrek

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    Golden Eagle, Dissassemble it and check for limb twist. Or take it to a Pro-Shop.

    Dry firing a bow is like dry-firing a pistol, it's gonna wear on SOMETHING. It depends on how it's made as to how fast and how bad.
  20. joe90

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    I got my bow a couple years ago and a little while after that my friend upgraded and got a new one. First day shooting in my backyard his trigger release let the string go and for some reason the arrow came off the string at the resting position. It didn't ruin his bow but was one scary moment. His peep sight and limbsaver dampers came off the string. His sight was almost off and almost broke a cam (thought it was broken but was just a loose screw by or in the cam somewhere). Just don't do it. It's not fun.