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Discussion in 'Bow-Hunting' started by Love2hunt, Sep 27, 2010.

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    A friend of ours recently gave my husband a Matthews Bow that has been sitting around in a closet for a number of years. My hubby hasn't been bow hunting since he was a kid. What do we need to do to get it ready for target practice?
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    first thing is to make sure the bow is of the proper draw length for the user. you can get away with a draw length that is a little short, but too long causes problems. if DL seems OK, i would take it to a pro shop for an inspection. its been sitting for a few years, and i would bet the pro shop will tell you to replace the string and cable. a pro shop will also be able to help you out if the DL isnt right. on a mathews, you need to change the cam to change the draw length.

  3. Do you have sights, arrow rest, release, target, arrows, and field/target tips? I like to have a stabilizer on my bow (about $17 at walmart) and string leeches, which are little rubber things that go on the string to quiet it down. Get some bow string wax to keep the string in good shape as well.
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    need more info on the bow model. most mathew bows are draw specific meaning if its not his draw length he would have to buy new cams for the bow to change the draw length. since its old new strings and cables will most likly be needed. you should bring him and the bow to a local proshop that deals mathews so they can check the draw and measure him. if to long his accuracy will be horrible and most likly will bea tthe hell out of his forarm, a little short (.5") you could get away with but the closer to his true dl the better.

    for gear its more personal preference then anything and what your willling to spend. any decent pro shop could hook him up with gear if he gives them his over all price range straight up. his arrows are the important part. his draw weight and dl are needed before arrows can be purchased and have a shop figure out what he needs for his own saftey

    if you want alot of good info and want to buy used gear to make it cheaper join archerytalk. start a thread asking this question and ask if people have gear they would sell and you will get hooked up fast and get that bow running for a good price, plus you get all all the info on the bow you will ever need.

    good luck in getting him all set up.

    at the same time dont drop alot into the bow if its old. martin archery makes great bows that you can buy already set up with everything including arrows for under $400 at dicks sporting good, cabelas, gander ,bbass pro ect...