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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by ltcboy, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Your one sick puppy.

  2. Hey- I didnt do it!

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    Oh my God, thats terrible! :eek: :throwup:
  4. Have you seen John Holbrook's M1 or M1A (I forget which)? thin red, white and blue stripes like Jimi Hendrix would have had, if he was into guns; this MAY be uglier than that!
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    whaddaya know urban camoflage for Mardi Gras!!!!:D
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    I hope that wasn't a USGI stock... maybe one of the newer replacement stocks... God****, if a GI in the war flashed that thing at an Axis soldier, he might have scared them away with that paint job alone. Hideous.
    Dave T
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    "Excuse Me while I kiss the sky"

    Oh yeah I remember that song, well kinda :)

    Man, are you sure that Holbrook's? He has more class than that. And he is a homie.
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    At various times in the military, some weird "Razzle Dazzle" camo schemes have been used. WWII had some real doozies, on aircraft and ships. Patton is spinning in his grave on this one, though. 'Course, he'd probably send one to Monty just for laughs!
    Fortunately, the guy says he did it to one of several spare synthetic stocks. No need for Stock Doc to have to rescue it, though the guy could use a wet mop up side the head. :p