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    Saw this on

    The Microsoft Corporation has just recently released a new version of Windows software entitled Break-In Windows.
    Users will notice several functions on the title bar have changed a bit:
    I Be Seein' It = View

    Put Sumpin' In = Insert

    Hook It Up = Format

    Stuff Da Plumber Need = Tools

    I Eat On Dat Sh*t = Table

    Break In = Window

    Whut Da F*ck = Help

    Also users will notice several command and dialog boxes have changed as well:

    Letter Sh*t = Documents

    Games & Sh*t = Programs

    Break Back In = Re-Entry

    Aww Sh*t, N*gga = Error

    U Betta Recognize = No

    Itz All Good = Ok

    4 Real Doe = Yes

    Hold Up Dawg = Cancel

    Do Dat Sh*t Again = Reset

    N*gga, Iz U Crazy? = Are You Sure?

    Hunt Dat B*tch Down = Find

    Put A Cap In It = Delete

    Keep It Real = AutoCorrect

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    Yo,yo, D dawg, it about time Msoft get ta rollin' wit da homies and make da net fresh fo' us G's!

  3. Enough of this ebonics crap. Talk white man.
  4. I have a hard enough time with english.

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    Dang! Almost got me busted, I was laughing so hard and trying to drink my morning coffee. LMAO
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    Halt! Speak English before entering.

    "What goes around comes around" so now we seem to be reverting back to English from another planet.(ha)

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    sorry NRA Joe, "no habla escargo"...

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    Si, weeth leetle somberos alan!