BREAKING: China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

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  1. TXplt

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    Ya.....saw the article too.

    Looks like the apple fell pretty close to the tree I guess.

    Can't imagine the bad judgment on so many levels. If you're gonna smoke crack, taking pics of it is pretty dang stupid. And if you're gonna smoke crack and do a hooker, videoing it on several devices defies comprehension. As does keeping it on a laptop.

    Then again, look at his role model.

    Looks like Taiwan is tossing a few darts at the commies.

    Ya know, you learn the potential pitfalls of video at pretty early ages (one would think). Learned that after passing a wee bit closer (and a wee bit lower) than perhaps was authorized to check out a really cool house on a rock like small island on a lake somewheres around the Ozarks (even back when few people actually HAD video cameras and they were big clunky things you had to put on your shoulder).

    "Was that a video camera the guy on the porch had ?"
    "I dunno--let's go back and see"
    "Yep--it's a video camera......better get outta here."

    "Hey, we got a noise complaint--said it was an OV-10."
    "Can you blame it on the C-130s ?"
    "Nope....the guy said it was an OV-10, tail number XXX"
    "Very Sorry.....won't do it WAS a really cool house and we were just taking a good look at it.....Anything we gotta worry about."
    "No....just don't go back there and I'll take care of it."
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  2. Huey Rider

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    Vely intelesting....he’s also vely shtupid!
  3. Ten Man

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    That's pretty conclusive evidence of Hunter Biden!
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  4. Huey Rider

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    Let’s see how the liberal media lets him slide out of this.
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  5. That's easy... Just Don't Report it or call it False.

    Incidentally I posted the link to this article on FarceBook to help share and get the word out and in less than a Day my post got Blocked for "Sexual Exploitation" and Violating "Community Standards" Nice to see that Censorship is Alive and Thriving, and I expect no less than the same from any Liberal News or "Big Tech" left leaning organization.

    Being Ornery like I tend to be I did another FarceBook post to let people know how this news was Censored by FarceBook and added a plain link to recommending that they go there and find the Article :D and it has yet to be Blocked (to my knowledge).
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  6. TACAV

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    Several twitter posts and comments sharing or talking about the sex tape have already been blocked/taken down by Twitter I just saw.
  7. TXplt

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    lol.....but nothing circulates faster around the internet that an alleged sex tape from someone well known.

    Not that watching some weird middle aged guy get high and then a foot job from a masseuse/hooker would be worth the time or get an adult video Oscar.

    The dynamic of the whole thing kinda makes me puke. Substance dependance/abuse pervades strikingly into the judgment and decision making of the person and they become a very very sick (like mentally ill disease sick) person. And getting that person well (or his getting well) is a difficult and complicated process and long journey. It appears here that you have a presidential candidate who is SOOOO focused on his power and money that he would use an obviously sick son to launder his money and make his deals for him. Knowing full well that it enables (facilitates actually) his addiction and may well kill him. But he doesn't care--he wants his power and money and is willing to throw his own son into the fire and under the bus to get it.
  8. Ten Man

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    Yet, the brain-dead commucrat voters will "obey," and cast their vote for the power-mad liar.
  9. Very True! (not that I would want to watch either).

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  10. ChaZam

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    The lefty globalists will save him...
  11. Junction15

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    They'll just call it "Chinese collusion to steal an election" and try to impeach Trump for it.
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  12. Jim Bridger

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    If everyone's father like Biden's could spend 47 years in the U.S.Capital?? We could all play for pay. :D
  13. mitchr

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    To show just how far down the tubes our "media" & a lot of this country has gone, I just saw a news story about lori loughlin reporting for her 2 months in federal prison, for trying to bribe a university into taking her daughter in as a student.

    When she was on trial, it was wall-to-wall news & now when she starts her prison term, not to mention the untold $millions the government spent to convict her. The fbi has had hunter's laptop, showing porno pics with him & underage girls since December 2019 & the Delaware highway patrol almost that long & not a peep!!

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  14. Ten Man

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  15. Jim Bridger

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    I would bet on Sleepy Joe as well. I would lay odds that he has some Pics of little girls. There has been pics of him on TV that are very edgy. :eek:
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