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    I say screw it. With how much they flip flop, and how arbitrary and ridiculous of a law it is anyway, just slap together whatever brace, stock, and barrel length you want at this point. Never have I ever had any type of official audit, investigate, or stick their nose in my business to make sure my guns were up to ATF code

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    Just hide them away for two weeks. They'll change their decision again.
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    from what I understand this only covers imports [and that honey badger company that flaunted it on TV just asking for trouble]

    anyway this is what happens when you let an agency write and interpret their own rules.
    someone retires, a few memo's get sent, and it's a whole new ball game.
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    Correct, it is only for imports but we all know if they get their way they wont stop there.

    Then the logic will be... well if we cant import these foreign guns because they are NFA items... then domestic ones are also NFA items...

    straight out of a the Obama/Democrat play book... I say Obama because many of the ATF Technology branch lawyers who are making these decisions (actually not the ATF techs who work there) are the ones hired during the Obama Admin and are just now deciding to go "full retard" because they are thinking they are seeing the light at the end of the Trump Train Tunnel and they can start to make moves under a Biden Administration.

    infringement and bans one small but steady piece at a time.

    A guy I work with (used to be a cop where I work but has sinced moved to the ATF) is a huge pro gun guy, like many other actual ATF Special Agents.

    They dont like the politics either and would rather be out chasing down gangs and cartel members vs dealing with this BS. And any sort of gun grab or additional and unneeded regulation that the ATF Obama Lawyers try to come up with are only going to take resources away from actual real criminals vs law abiding citizens who the top admin is now trying to default turn into criminals.
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    BS, I call BS on this guy. He says at about 50 seconds in that all braced AR pistols are now illegal. That is BS. Here is the letter from the law firm talking about the new import issues, which he says "could" make them illegal.

    Yes there is reason for alarm and specifically why we need Trump elected, but there is zero new information that says they are now "illegal".

    Second he goes into detail about ignorant local cops who he says will be filing these felony federal charges. That is BS. Federal charges cannot be filed by state officials. If the state has a similar criminal statute they can file under the state charge, but they cannot file anything federal. They can call up the ATF and advise them of the violation and then ATF could take the case to the US attorney. He does not know what he is talking about and causing folks to panic.

    Third, if anybody has a worry about some existing AR pistol with a brace on it, just take the brace off. That skinny tube sticking out the rear of an AR is definitely not designed as a shoulder stock. It is designed to hold the recoil spring and buffer, duh? And you can actually fire the thing with the buffer tube sticking out, just hold it at the hip like you would any submachine gun.

    I agree that we should contact elected officials, just think this guy should not give legal advice. And he misquoted what the lawyer letter said anyway. It does not say that any existing AR pistol is now illegal, it just talks about the trends in interpretation. Here are quotes from that letter.

    "The new interpretation of the handgun definition could have additional significant effects on manufacturers and gun owners."
    "Under ATF’s new interpretation of the handgun definition, millions of AR-15 style pistols could be considered “too large, or too heavy” to fall within ATF’s new interpretation, thereby making them unregistered NFA weapons, and subjecting manufacturers and gun owners to criminal prosecution."

    Just saying, this guy is selling UTube videos. I am not going to lose any sleep based on his comments.