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Britain's exporting sand to the Saudis!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jun 18, 2002.

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    This salesperson must be outstanding!!!!! Im not makeing this up...Refrence is posted at the bottom......

    Britain's exporting sand to the Saudis!

    British exporters seem to have pulled off the impossible - they're selling sand to Saudi Arabia. Britain is also exporting hedge clippings to America and chicken feet to China. Richard Zackheim has more.

    The revelations about some of the more bizarre goods exported from Britain come from a report by the Office of National Statistics in England. It revealed that consignments of chicken feet are sold to China as a delicacy, while British hedge clippings make their way to the U.S., where they are used in cancer treatments. Perhaps the most surprising export of all, was the sale of sand to Saudi Arabia last year. Chris Adams from the Financial Times newspaper discovered the reason for the purchase.

    Chris Adams said:

    It was a hundred and twenty six tonnes so it's hardly a desert full but it's actually used on golf courses of all things and Saudi Arabia apparently they haven't got the right kind of stuff there in the desert.

    The same report also revealed that Britain imported a consignment of elephant milk in 1999. But the reasons for that may have to remain a mystery. Richard Zackheim in London.

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    Elephant milk?...yeesh!