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    Muggers Rule in England

    British Home Secretary David Blunkett told The Sun newspaper on March 19 that British streets are “ruled by muggers and yobs.â€￾

    Blunkett told the newspaper that a multi-million dollar crackdown on crime had flopped.

    Recently, a columnist for one British newspaper had advocated for “grantingâ€￾ British subjects the right to carry guns for self-defense. Blunkett noted, “There is a feeling in some urban areas that it is not safe to walk the streets. We must reclaim them for decent, law-abiding citizens.â€￾

    He also predicted that the crime situation will get even worse.
  2. Gee, ya think?


    We all knew that would happen, as it is happening down under in Australia. Take away all the legal guns and the crooks run amuck!!

    Well, are ya gonna pull those pistols or just stand there whistling "Dixie"????????
    Clint Eastwood -- The Outlaw Josie Wales

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    nay what good will that do? a citizen of the UK or Australia goes to jail for defending himself as it is. its going to take some major overhaul of your systems of gummint, ny the way someone please explain just what is a "yob"?:rolleyes:
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    English slang for a miscreant.
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    thanks wes, guess my englitch ain't so hot!!!:nod:
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    Yup, they speak American funny in England and OZland.