British Line Thrower

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    That is pretty Unique...I have a pre-WW1 Line thrower made by H&R that is 45-70, I have the projectile and the Cartidges for it...There are supposedly only about 8 of them in the U.S. left.

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    Very neat.Think I'll let my wife shoot it if I had one.
  4. In the days of iron men and wooden ships all that was used as a heaving line was a monkeys fist.

    While on shore the monkeys fist was used as a slungshot for "beaning" marines and sailors off of other ships.
    (hence the phrase "putting a knot on someones head"

    Monkey's fist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The flash light is to blind them and the monkeys fist is to make them see stars.
    (shooting them with a line thrower is too noisy and attracts the shore patrol and police)
    Don't ask me how I know this but my dad was a retired Navy Chief..........

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    Thats great you have one that uses a cartridge thats still common Rich,
    is it shootable? 8 in the U.S.WOW that otta be valueable!
    Oh Sam that's cold :knockedout:LOL!
    Very interesting Ed, never thot of where those terms came from :hitwithrock: