BRNO 98 Mauser

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Ron Y, May 28, 2002.

  1. Ron Y

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    I recently read an article in the June American Rifleman regarding a new BRNO Mauser. The initial offering is a matte finish and synthetic stock, sans sights. Four different calibers, including 30-06 are being offered. This rifle could be the basis of a fine Scout rifle with a few changes. The current suggested MSRP is only $339. Has anyone had any experience with this Mauser and the importer EAA.
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    I have one in 30/06. Was a little rough as it came out of the box, but smoothed up OK. Stock is a synthetic Butler Creek. Haven't had a chance to range test yet, though.

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    BRNO 98

    Would you say the Brno .30-06 would still be a good investment if I was willing to pay the extra for a CZ 550? I am kind of on the fence. I have handled the CZs, but the Brno rifles are selling so fast at my favorite gun shop that I have not handled one. (They sell the Saiga semi-auto shotguns so fast that I haven't seen one yet either!)

    I figure that the stock on the CZ Lux rifles is worth around $200 alone.